Is the Coronavirus Contagious? The Contagion Myth by Thomas Cowan MD and Sally Fallon Morell


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COVID19 is a GLOBAL SCAM – TYRANNY and is deliberately being driven toward an end goal – DEPOPULATION




October 26, 2020 By Hilda Labrada Gore

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We’ve spent most of 2020 under the assumption that there is a contagious disease spreading and that we have to do what we can to sanitize our environment and stay away from one another to avoid infection and death. But has the coronavirus actually been proven to be contagious? Has it even been proven to be a virus in the first place?

Joining Holistic Hilda on the show, Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, challenges these assumptions we’ve been operating under. This discussion centers around the information in the summer edition of the Wise Traditions journal and her research and work with Dr. Tom Cowan, the co-author of The Contagion Myth. To be clear, Sally is not suggesting that there is no sickness. However, she asks us to look at the illness differently. She explains why what’s been labeled a virus may actually be a natural process in the body and she goes into why toxins in our environment may be the driving force behind this health crisis. She also offers insights about what is behind the mainstream narrative that points to a contagious pandemic. She challenges us to think critically and consider what is happening through a different lens, which in turn may lead us to new conclusions to promote health and wellbeing.


Episode Transcript

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This journal is mind-blowing

I hope we open a few eyes about this. This journal is focused on the Coronavirus, Rona as they call her. The first article is, “Is Coronavirus Contagious?


Are you not taking this seriously? Do you not think that this is a disease of any kind?

We’re taking this seriously. Some people have said, “It’s a bad form of the flu.” No. People who are sick with this disease are sick. It results in hypoxia where you don’t get oxygen to your organs. What happens is the iron comes out of the red blood cell. It’s a marauding toxic iron in your body and then the blood cells are running around in your bloodstream and they don’t have iron in them so they can’t bring oxygen to your cells. It’s serious. The autopsies show clots all over the body and the lungs don’t even look like lungs anymore.


As you’re saying, it is more than a respiratory illness

This is a whole-body illness, but it is not caused by a virus. It is not contagious. It is caused by the rollout of 5G, especially in electrically-sensitive people. We know this because there’ve been studies on 5G on these millimeter waves from way back in the ‘70s. They were done by the Navy, by the Soviets and this is what they found, serious symptoms from exposure to millimeter wave technology. That’s what 5G is. What is millimeter wave technology? It is a kind of X-ray that can see through your clothes. It’s what they use in airports.

When you go through that thing that turns around, you’re exposed to millimeter wave technology and there have been a lot of concerns about the safety of this for two seconds. They don’t put pregnant women. They don’t put children through those machines because there is a recognition right there that there is a health problem, a health threat from millimeter wave technology. 5G is more than two seconds, it’s 24/7. You’re bathed in this technology especially if it’s right by your house or something.


I’m eager to dive into this because what I see in the mainstream media is they’re saying that this is misinformation and some platforms are removing anything that dares to suggest that there is a link between 5G and the Coronavirus.

I think we’ve almost experienced a takeover in this country and it’s being done with misinformation that this is a virus. While everybody’s quarantined, they’re deploying the 5G everywhere, going into high schools and putting in 5G saying they’re disinfectant crews. It’s going up all over the place. The first outbreak of this disease was in Wuhan, China. Wuhan, China was where 5G was first deployed on the large scale. They deployed 10,000 base stations more than in the whole United States in one city. That’s when people started getting sick. There was a big spike when they turned the 5G on a major highway in Wuhan. It then came to New York and Los Angeles, the big cities, and then it spread out to the smaller cities. That’s what they’re calling the spread of this virus. People are now getting sick in Florida, southeast and southwest as they deploy this technology.


How do you account for them saying, for example, there was a pool party and one person had the virus and suddenly ten people have the virus? It makes it seem like it’s contagious.

Let’s go back to the Spanish Flu in 1918. It seemed it was worldwide. It killed 50 million people. It was this explosive flu that came in waves, that corresponds exactly to the deployment of radio towers, radio waves and starting on the military basis. This was a worldwide deployment like the deployment of 5G. The New York Health Department said, “We know this is contagious, but we’ll do a study and show that this flu is a contagious flu.” They could not prove that it was contagious. They had sick people. They took the spit and those of not sick people and put it into well people that took the blood of sick people and put it into well people. They had sick people cough and spit on well people and they could not make those well people get sick by contact with the sick people.

It was an influence from outside, but everybody had this influence. That’s why it was called influenza. There were some strange things. I believe it was the 1918 flu, there was a Cuban ship out in the ocean. All of a sudden, almost everybody on the ship came down with the flu. At the same time, they had the outbreak in the city that the ship came from. They were all being subjected to the same influence. It wasn’t some contagious between the sailors and the city or the city and the sailors. It seems contagious.

The best example is the choir practice. You go to choir practice, you have a lot of people close together. We’ve all got cell phones in their pockets. There’s an influence right there. There’s a cell phone tower in the steeple or they’ve put a 5G on the street. Who knows? Some of these large churches do have cell towers and could even have 5G inside the church. It seems like they have given it to each other, but everybody is subjected to the same influence.


If for example these radio waves are always around us and there’s 5G in a lot of cities, why aren’t all of us sick?

I go back to this wonderful book, Invisible Rainbow, this is where I got the example of the 1918 flu. In the early days when they started studying electricity, the early electricians were these healers who put currents on you and things, they weren’t electricians in your house. What they noticed was they were trying to heal people with electric currents, Leyden jars and things like this. They noticed that some people were extremely sensitive to electricity and others could hold wires with charges going through them and it didn’t affect them at all. There are people who are extremely electrically-sensitive and people like myself who are a little bit electrically-sensitive. We have someone in the office here who cannot use a cell phone. She’s electrically-sensitive or she can’t even be near a cell phone. There’s a great range in sensitivity. We don’t have any answers as to why some people are more sensitive than others.


Some people are probably more resilient of the constitution may be to this. What you’re saying has huge implications for our approach to this health crisis.

If we don’t figure out what’s causing it, if we don’t start with the truth of what is causing this, we’re never going to solve it. It hasn’t gotten any better because people have been on quarantine, social distancing, wearing masks, and everything has gotten worse. We have something like 50,000 to 55,000 people who’ve gotten the disease and thousands of deaths. We’re not minimizing these deaths. This is a serious thing. It can only get worse since we’re not approaching it in the right way.


It’s like we’re taking care of the symptoms rather than the root cause of our headache, for example.

Not even that. It’s like we’re saying that your headache is an infectious disease. Don’t come near me with your headache or I’ll get a headache too. There’s all this shaming because people don’t want to wear masks and I am particularly concerned about children and young people going back to school because a lot of the high schools now have 5G installed in the schools. I’m also concerned about stadiums because Verizon has a program to put 5G in the football stadiums so people can have this wonderful experience on their cell phones in the football stadiums. Here at the office, we go to the Nationals games and you notice you can’t use your cell phone in the stadium because there’s not enough bandwidth and everybody’s trying to use their phone. That’s it, you can’t use your cell phone in the stadium. What they want to be able to do is allow you to use your cell phone in the stadium. There’ll be 5G transmitters everywhere in the whole stadium.

When people get sick, they’ll say, “We shouldn’t have allowed all these people to come together,” because they’re convinced it’s some kind of contagion.

It will seem contagious, but it’s not contagious. There’ll be hotspots because there are hotspots of electromagnetic activity and put 5G on top of that and it’s too much for most people.


What you’re saying is also freeing economically to think we can get back to work. We can get back to the business of making a living without being afraid that we’re going to become sick.

Yes, in a way. We’re not going to give it to each other and we don’t need to shame people. I’m concerned about certain types of workplaces. For example, meat processing plants. There’ve been lots of cases in meat processing plants. What do you have in meat processing plants? You have an overwhelming electrical activity. You’ve got conveyor belts, which have a lot of static electricity coming off of them, people working right by these conveyor belts day and night. If they have installed 5G inside the plants, which is highly possible, people are going to get sick and putting up plastic barriers, making them wear masks only makes it worse because they can’t breathe in those masks. It makes them more vulnerable.


You have studies that corroborate what you’re saying.

An interesting guy from Spain did a statistical analysis of the number of 5G base stations and the incidents of disease in Europe and when they were rolled out and everything. It’s almost a perfect correspondence. The country that’s had 5G the longest is this little country called San Marino in Italy, but it’s a separate country. They had it first and they have had the most cases per population. That’s a good one to look at right there.

I’m also wondering why is this word going to be probably censored? Why is this word not getting out to people? Why is there this cohesive narrative that we have to wear masks to save lives and stay home until the vaccine comes up?

I always go back to what Rhett Butler said to Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with The Wind. She asked him how he had made all his money during the war. He said, “My dear, there’s more money to be made from the destruction of civilization than building it up.” There’s a lot of money to be made from the system by the hospitals. If someone is put on a ventilator in the hospital and the ventilators kill you, the kiss of death, they get $39,000 from Medicare. If they are admitted for pneumonia, they get $4,000 from Medicare. There’s one thing right there that’s more profit if they do it according to what they’re told. You got all these companies salivating to bring out this vaccine.

The money involved is huge and it blinds people to what’s right. A lot of talk about making everybody get vaccinated. The early studies on these vaccines have shown that there’s a lot of problems with them and this is a new type of vaccine. It’s made by genetic modification. The idea is that it’s given as a three-prong needle and two of the prongs give you a little electric shock which opens up the cell membranes and pushes that genetic material into your cells. We have an impermeable cell membrane for a reason and that’s to keep foreign stuff out, but the vaccine is going to be designed to push it all through the cell membrane.


Are they doing this vaccine or work because it’s quicker and can circumvent some of the steps?

Steps for making the “old-fashioned vaccines” are much longer. It takes a long time to do them. They have to incubate, they have to grow in these cultures and then you need the needles and the vials. They’ve got this pipe dream of vaccinating seven billion people all at once. It can’t happen and it’ll be rushed. I don’t think they can even make a vaccine this way that’s safe and it’s not even scientific. Everyone’s asking, “What about this virus? What about this little thing you see with all these pads sticking out of it?” That’s a computer drawing. It’s not a virus.


That is a drawing because they haven’t been able to isolate the virus to even make a lovely picture of it like that.

They have not isolated this so-called virus. All the studies on this so far say that we have not isolated the virus. How do you know it’s a virus? What happens in your cells when your cells are poisoned, including a poisoned by electromagnetic radiation? Your cells produce these tiny bodies called exosomes and exosomes looks like a Coronavirus. They have these little pads sticking out. What the exosomes do is they gobble up these toxins. They take them out of the cell, they do the cleanup of your cell. Also, they go to other cells and they attach on with those little things sticking out that we’ve seen in the drawing. Those things say, “Be careful, there are poisons coming and you need to prepare yourself.” They’re a communication system with all the cells in the body and exosomes are not bad.

These are what they’re calling viruses are exactly the same size. They work on the same receptors. They look the same. They’re not bad for us. It’s like 100 years ago, we thought all bacteria were bad. We assume that these things are bad, they’re hostile and because of that, we got pasteurized milk, antibiotics and all that stuff. All of a sudden, we realize that bacteria are not life-threatening. They are essential to life. Without all these good bacteria in our guts, on our skin, in our bodies, we’re dead. When they finally found these little viruses that were in 1931 with the invention of the electron microscope, they saw these little things in the cells, they immediately assumed that these are bad.

Nature’s raw, tooth and claw. This is the whole attitude of the materialistic science. “All this is bad. This is hostile. We have to have science to protect us.” The more spiritually-minded scientists are filled with awe and admiration for nature and looks at these little things in the cells and says, “What are these for?” Not assuming that they’re bad, but we have assumed that these things that look like viruses are bad. It’s going to take another 20 or 30 years for a paradigm shift to realize that we have a virome like we have a biome. These exosomes, these so-called viruses probably are helping us adjust to the electrosmog that we’re surrounded with.


You are not the only one that we’ve spoken to on this show who’s talked about this. Dr. Andrew Kaufman suggested that we’re blaming the virus it’s as if we were blaming fireman for the fire. They’re helpers, but we see them as the enemy without cause.

We need a whole new attitude to diseases. There are only two things that cause disease. One is malnutrition and the other is toxins, including electromagnetic radiation toxins. That medicine is much harder. It takes time. You have to be patient. There’s no magic pill. There are no huge profits for the drug companies. We have to clean up the planet and that’s not sexy compared to bringing out a vaccine and it certainly doesn’t make a lot of money. You can see what the allure is of the vaccines and the magic pills.

You mentioned toxins, let’s go to Stephanie Seneff’s article about glyphosate and air pollution.

She’s been writing about COVID and she shows that the hotspots have been where there’s the highest air pollution and especially the use of biodiesel, not regular old gasoline. It is the latest thing for saving the planet and you’re going to recycle, use fossil fuels and everything. The biodiesel is polluted with Roundup. They’re making the biodiesel out of soybeans and corn and it’s not organic for sure. There’s a lot of Roundup in this diesel and apparently, the combination of the diesel fuel and the Roundup is quite deadly. One of the things she points out is that some of the lung surfactants that protect us have a collagen component to them and if the glyphosate gets built into these surfactants, they won’t work and they won’t protect your lungs.

What I found is that the effects of millimeter waves are magnified when there’s a lot of air pollution. This is a double whammy. If you think of Northern Italy where there’ve been many cases, they have the worst air pollution in the world. They have the most biodiesel use in the world and that’s where they rolled out 5G in Europe. It was in Northern Italy. It’s like the three-prong attack and people were getting sick. You don’t need a virus to explain people getting poisoned.

WT 274 | Contagious Coronavirus
Contagious Coronavirus: Companies are salivating to bring out a vaccine.
The money involved is huge and it blinds people to what’s right.


If people want to see all of this for themselves, they can become members and then they’ll get this quarterly journal because it’s different from the regular paradigm, it’s going to give people pause.

People said, “Why are you wandering away from Weston Price?” I don’t think that we are wandering away from Weston Price. First of all, there is a section in this journal on diet and how to protect yourself with diet. You want a lot of saturated fat in your diet so you have good, strong, healthy cell membranes. They’re not disrupted by the electrosmog. I go back to what Dr. Price said when he was in Africa. He was one of the first Americans to go into the interior of Africa. The Caucasians had to be careful. They had to have netting where they had to always have shoes on and so forth. He was amazed at the Africans who were on their traditional diet had no sign of these so-called infectious diseases. They had no malaria. They had no dengue fever. They had no elephantiasis. They didn’t have these diseases.

He talks about this and how they’re protected by their diet. Same with TB. He talks about TB several times in his book that people on the traditional diets with the wide facial structure and he theorizes that good lung structure, didn’t get TB. They were living in smoky houses and they had all kinds of pollution in their houses, but they did not get TB. This does not stray from what Dr. Price has said. What we’re saying is you need to avoid toxins, have a good diet and you’ll be healthy.


That’s what we’ve been saying all along.

It’s not germs that kill you. The germs are there. They’re the cleanup crew. The bacteria cleaning up the dead tissue and the viruses clean up the poisons in your cells.


Did Dr. Tom Cowan also have an article here?

He had the third article in his thoughts on the health crisis. The one thing I want to point out about what Tom said is about the testing. We’ve had giggling sessions about this testing because this test is not finding viruses. It is not saying, “You have Coronavirus.” It’s finding little bits of genetic material. If the test then multiplies with genetic material, and if they multiply it a certain number of times, they get a positive, but they may do it in another iteration and they get a negative. They can set the test to get the results they want. This test is completely worthless and no diagnosis should be made because of these Coronavirus tests.

Is this the PCR tests you’re referring to or the antibody test?

Mostly, they’re using the PCR test, which was not meant for diagnosis. I heard one story that they sent some tests to a lab and 100% came back positive and the reporter looked into this and they said, “We made a mistake. It was only 9% positive.” Meanwhile, you send all these people to hospitals and they put on ventilators and they die. I heard a story of a woman who went to the doctor to get tested and they said, “We’ve run out of tests. We’ll let you know when there are tests.” Three days later in the mail, she gets the results of a test. It says she’s positive. This is what’s leading people to say that there isn’t a disease. It’s the mild flu or whatever. I don’t agree with that either. It is a serious disease, but we shouldn’t be going by the results of these tests.

They are meaningless, they’re useless.
They’re being used to browbeat people and to get them into situations that are scary for them. What we should be diagnosing on these symptoms like any good doctor. One last thing here, as has been pointed out many times, it’s the elderly, the immune-compromised and the people with preexisting health conditions that are the most vulnerable to this. Why do they have preexisting health conditions? It’s because they’ve already been on a bad diet, exposed to a lot of toxins, eating vegetable oils, getting a lot of glyphosate in their diets and malnourished in many ways. They’re more vulnerable.


This has been a lot of food for thought. Some people are saying that this is all political and that division is on the perception of test results or this or that have to do with which party you aligned with. What does the Weston A. Price Foundation think about?

We try to stay out of politics, but it’s hard because, for example, we posted something about the masks and how they’re useless, the pores in the mask are ten times bigger than any virus. If even if this is caused by a virus and somebody emailed me and accused me of being a Trump supporter. I’m not saying that’s good or bad, I’m saying people have built-in politics to this. I will predict that a lot of politicians, incumbents are going to be defeated in November 2020. People are angry about this whether they’re Republicans or Democrats. They have gone along with this nonsense, these falsehoods and imposed these dictatorial measures on the population. I think we’re going to see a lot of changes in the political offices, which is probably a good thing.

The foundation doesn’t support a particular party or candidate.

Not at all, but we’ve been accused of this because we’ve said the masks are silly and they’re useless. I live in Maryland and I want to say that our governor has been quite reasonable, it hasn’t been too honorous here.

What would you do if you were in a place where they said, “You can only shop here if you wear a mask?” Would you comply or rebel?


WT 274 | Contagious Coronavirus
Contagious Coronavirus: The germ theory of medicine has been taken to the ultimate extreme. It’s time to get rid of this and go back to something that’s more based on fact and science. This is a computer generated image

[According to the CDC, COVID19 has not been identified]

We’re not asking people to break the law, but we’re asking people to do is educate their politicians, their representatives, their neighbors. In that respect, Tom and I, when this all got started, we decided to write a book called The Contagion Myth. We have a wonderful publisher who can get books out quickly. It’s a readable book, not too technical. I don’t like to blow my horn on this program. We did it so people could educate. This is a definitely a learning opportunity here for the whole world. It is a way of getting rid of this germ theory of medicine because that’s what’s happened. The germ theory of medicine has been taken to the ultimate extreme and made everybody our enemies. Everybody could give us germs. We’re afraid, people are afraid, they’re suspicious, they’re angry. It’s time to get rid of this philosophy of medicine and go back to something that’s more based on fact and science.


The germ theory is prevailing, what they’re doing now is they’re trying to sanitize classrooms. In the movie theater, they want to put in the circulating air, some antibacterial stuff. This is going to be damaging for our health as well.

The germ theory is wrong. It’s always been wrong. One of the things we talk about in the book is how Louis Pasteur cheated. He was a plagiarist and a cheater. I know that is a revolutionary statement, but no one’s ever proven that germs caused disease or the virus has caused disease. This is a superstition, a myth. Our book is called The Contagion Myth because that’s what it is. It is an irrational belief if it’s not based on science.


I would love to interview you and Tom on that subject when the book comes out. Thank you for your time, Sally.

Thank you, Hilda.

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