Expose of Surgeon Employed by British National Health Service

How to Destroy a Patient’s Life, Extend his Pain and Suffering for Years:

  • Protectionism by the State System
  •  NO Accountability
  • Assured General Medical Council Protection
  • Breach of his Human Rights


Following a “routine clavicle repair” performed by Nikos Reisses I suffered a complete shoulder collapse due to the fact that Reissis amputating my clavicle, part of my subscalpular and all the ligaments that support the arm.

Also the supraspinatus tendon which attaches the arm to the body has become completely disconnected, meaning the weight of my arm is being taken up by my neck, which now has 4 collapsed vertebre.

This surgery was done in a private hospital, paid for by the NHS and none of it was put in my records other than “arthroscopy” clearly done in order to cover up the horrendous crime committed by Nikos Reissis and to make things worse they did a character assassination to discredit me in order to deny me any further treatment, part of the cover up was to doctor my Xrays which you can see here in the video.

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