Common Purpose – A Hidden Menace



By Brian Gerrish

CP member loyalties directed to CP solely. CP principles precedent to other (organisational / personal) interests in the (new) interest of creating the better CP society.

Failure to declare graduate status or amounts of public money spent


The Freedom of Information Act is usually needed to force the public sector to decaler expenditure on Common Purpose. Even then some organisations lie, distort the figures, or fail to answer. Why? – if this is such an innocent and wonderful educational charity. Despite being in business in the city for 10 years I was not aware of CP until 2 years ago. Then I find it everywhere but no open declaration or discussion of its existence. When I asked people verbally for information on expenditure my questions were brushed off. We have started to write and ask, and have now got some financial information. The figures (which are incomplete) clearly show massive expenditure by the public sector. Some £100,000 by Plymouth City Council, £60,000 Government Office of the South West, £80,000 Office of the Deputy prime Minister, £57,000 Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, £30,000 South West of England Regional Development Agency, £36,000 Ministry of Defence Logistics. These figures are the tip of the iceberg locally and certainly nationally. Simply multiply 18,500 odd Common Purpose graduates by £4,500 per course from the public sector. Total circa £83m. Huge amounts are being spent whilst schools, hospitals and social care facilities close.


Bullying and illness amongst those connected with Common Purpose


Many people have given personal information on Common Purpose. One lady describes her experiences of CP, and a number of individuals connected with CP in a public authority, where when she challenged the CP ‘authority’ she experienced bullying / sexual harassment. She was very frightened and is still very reluctant to talk to others. Another lady worked for CP but left due to the high pressure and stress. Although very nervous she spoke about the pressure on employees and also warned that others had warned her that CP was a ‘dangerous organisation’. A senior Common Purpose C of E Bishop is now ill with a nervous breakdown.


Members of Local Regeneration area Communities have told of heavy handed / bullying responses to complaints regarding misappropriation of public money. Individuals connected with the oppressive approach are CP. One gentleman is effectively threatened by his local vicar at his home for writing a letter of complaint to the local NDC Regeneration office. The vicar also says ‘of course you have already had a visit by the police’. In fact the man hadn’t had a visit by the police but they called the next evening. The police and the Vicar are CP connected. A lady in a New Deal for Communities regeneration area produces a calendar showing pictures of the lack of action by the regeneration company in the area. She is hounded by senior CP colleages at work. She is made ill. Other local people describe an almost ‘Nazi’ bullying approach, and lies from CP people within the public sector.


Individuals have been ‘removed’ from Chamber of Commerce Councils (Board) after starting to point out funding and project irregularities within their City and area. Work colleagues of the complainant are pestered with pressure calls attempting to undermine the credibility of the person complaining. The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce is CP and so are the majority of his colleagues. Some apparently implicated in largescale misuse of public funds are CP. The complainant is eventually forced to leave his company.


A professional person of standing receives visits from acquaintances not seen for years. They warn him off from a Community Project. One talks of horses’ heads on pillows. Bricks are thrown through a neighbours window. There is an arson attempt. The strange visitors are members of Common Purpose.


A senior professional person in the public sector pesters the wife of a friend of 21 years at her work (enquiring if her husband, who has been asking questions of CP, is perhaps unwell or mentally unwell). The professional person is connected to CP and ‘lectures’ CP graduates yet he lies as to his involvement to friends and third parties.


Published in Namaste Magazine Vol 10 Issue 1
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