Why are taxpayers being shafted twice over

With local elections due in a few days time, now is an opportune time to ask anyone standing for office why as taxpayers we are being shafted and expected to pay for everything twice. (EU funding due to rise by another 6%) Look at this list of EU Agencies, who collectively make the hundreds of thousands of rules forced on us and then ask why we need them, we have national bodies that do exactly the same work, so why do we need to pay twice. If the answer is – they are being funded with EU money, remember, the EU doesn’t have any money. It all comes from your taxes, or more specifically all that VAT you are forced to pay. If the UK were to leave the EU, we could abolish VAT altogether, giving you an instant 20% saving on everything you buy. It would also mean that as all those thousands of EU rules were abolished government could reduce your basic tax rate and increase allowances making it possible for you to keep more of your hard earned rather than funding a lifestyle for the EU hangers on. http://parker-joseph.com/pjcjournal/2012/05/01/why-are-taxpayers-being-shafted-twice-over/ +    

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