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The new NAMASTE website highlights and presents the most important information today, on the erosion of democratic governance by self-determination, replaced with a global agenda that represents the perception of the ruling elite that they have a divine-right-to-rule over all living things.  There are many facets to their agenda – banking, food, reproduction, genocide, medical issues, depopulation, and weaponization of the civilian grid (energy and communication technologies) that we think makes life “modern” but actually is turned against us – all this is well explained in the pages and website of NAMASTE magazine in ways that inform and empower the public.  Each issue of NAMASTE has brought powerful new awareness to the readers, and each issue becomes more relevant and valuable with time as more and more details of the New World Order project of world government emerges in fuller detail.  NAMASTE has emerged at the forefront of publications that inform the public about the most important issues today, through the tireless efforts and complete commitment of the Publisher and staff of NAMASTE.  They deserve our thanks and support because the world turns on information, and they have certainly informed us consistenly through the years.

~ Leuren Moret

Spartacus Chetwynd, a performance artist, says that she will be “coaxing groups of people, including spectators, to participate in ‘ mass actions of rational absurdity’”. It would seem that there are many more groups out there with exactly the same ambitions for us, for example those who presume to govern us, or would seek to govern us. Thank the Lord that Namaste  Publishing more than restores the balance towards rational common sense in so many fields. Many thanks for that and keep up the good work.
All the best,

~ David Bourne
It looks great!  I am very impressed at the variety of subjects and the layout is easy to navigate.  WONDERFUL!

~ Cathy Justus
Namaste is an international publication founded by Carl Sims, a man who enjoys standing on the shoulders of giants. Carl and his loyal team have been putting forth articles for many years from authors who have something worth writing and printing about. The Namaste Team appears to be an articulate group of individuals who really care about humanity and want to contribute their specific talent to the improvement of our species. By that I mean some of the team are very informed about the physical condition of humanity and put forth articles that deal with our wellness and good health. While others are concerned about liberty and privacy of each person whether that is in the UK or the US and elsewhere around the world, and they support authors who are knowledgeable about Big Brother and the New World Order alert. Carl Sims and the Truth Seeker have a long running relationship which has been very pleasant for us as well as compatible in ideology. He is our Associate in the UK and also publishes some of our books in the UK, thus making them available for locals without the high cost of shipping them overseas. Working with Carl and being associated with him has always been a win win position for me. If you are not a subscriber to Namaste…then what are you waiting for?

Bonnie Lange
Truth Seeker
Oldest Freethought Publication Since 1873
Tel: 760-489-5211

“NAMASTE”  courageously re-veals the unpalatable hidden TRUTH behind the outer facade of world history, politics, religion and science. It shines a LIGHT to awaken and empower  those who “Have eyes to see and ears to hear” All good wishes,



Namaste Magazine is a great publication, full of interesting information about health, politics, even book reviews and humor!  The health and political focus is on all corruption all over the world.  Namaste brings its readers news that the main stream either will not touch or under reports.  This magazine and its team are thoughtful, informative and conscientious…truly a valuable read for anyone!
Debbie Morgan


I think Namaste magazine is a fantastic, informative and futuristic magazine. As soon as one lands on my lap I can’t put it down. It covers such a wide range of interesting topics and informs about important environmental issues that need attention. There are articles for layreader or more in depth scientific references, all of which attempt and succeed at informing the general public of what is happening around us at a subversive level and what we can do if we so wish, to get involved in spreading the word: the Aspartame issue being one such example. If we are going to change anything on this planet, then we’re going to have to take part responsibility ourselves and spread the information and network. Namaste is a truly excellent medium for this purpose.
Janet R., Lancashire (UK)


…I love the magazine and would be very happy for you to use any material from my books or website. With best wishes, and congratulations on a brilliant magazine.
Dr Vernon Coleman; (UK)


On reading the magazine my immediate thought was that these people care enough about humanity and our environment to take the time and trouble to investigate and bring us the truth, to shake us awake with the awareness of what’s really happening out there. If that isn’t a demonstration of love, coupled with tremendous courage, I don’t know what is.
Denise, G. Inverness, (Scotland)


Namaste is a different kind of magazine. It is informative, well balanced and metaphysical without falling into the trap of being New Age. What a relief to find a publication which addresses such a wide range of serious and thought-provoking issues. One may not always agree with everything that is printed, but one is always challenged to “think outside of the box.” Long may you continue to provoke, stretch and expand our awareness.
Dr D. Philips. MB BS BSc, (UK)


We appreciate the flag of truth, the de-glamouring of nonsense and the poetic flavours of humour as published by your team.
Jon E., Isle of Wight., (UK)


I just wanted to compliment you on a great magazine in ‘Namaste.’ I think you have the balance just right between lightness, knowledge and information, it is all very thought-provoking and yet entertaining.
Alex. G., (UK)


Namaste is a breath of fresh air bringing truth and hope to those of us bogged down in a sea of dis-information and ignorance. You have changed my life with the knowledge you have given me. Thank you.
Cynthia K. Sussex, (UK)


“Your magazine truly represents the spirit and ideals of the Free Press that are horribly compromised in the mainstream media throughout the world. It is refreshing to see such a committed effort dedicated to speaking truth to power. Not only are your articles insightful and impressively varied, but the entire magazine is laid out beautifully with great style. An increase in your circulation would certainly be an indicator to me that humanity is evolving in the right direction.”
Patrick Mooney, The Institute of Unlearning., (USA)


I have been a reader of your excellent publication for about three years and I must say it gets better with every publication. Please give yourselves a big pat on the back for a wonderful job well done.
Michael K. Lancashire., (UK)


Just a line to thank you for an outstanding Namaste Magazine you sent me recently – every article essential and fascinating reading.
Heather. L., (Wales)


Namaste is one of the most important ‘Message Alert’ publications in print. I am happy to say that I have seen it grow from a tabloid into a full colour glossy print. They have the sensitivity to bring the truth to us on many levels, spirit, politics, health and even entertainment. Namaste is a keeper magazine. To subscribe to Namaste, is to support yourself and a world that believes in Living.
Awahoshi Kavan founder of Crystal Sound Therapy, Miamo World Foundation of Well Being, Sicily., (Italy)


Just a line to thank you for an outstanding Namaste magazine you sent me recently – every article essential and fascinating reading.
Betty Martini’s articles are powerful also we love your humorous sidebars and the judicious mix of articles. We are tremendously impressed with your publication and I’m personally proud to be one of your authors! I joyfully sent copies to all my family.
Suazanne, P., NM. (USA)


At first, I was introduced to your magazine when I was approached to contribute an article. Since then, I have been a happy subscriber. I was very enthused when I opened the pages of the first issue and began reading. Your publication enlightens, entertains and informs, and you dare to take on the issues and the truth in a way that is extremely rare in today’s world. Thank you for this refreshing insight. To this day, I continue to look forward to each new issue arriving in my mailbox. Thank you!
Partners, J T Waldron and Cori Brackett, are the co-creators of Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World and Sweet Remedy: The World Reacts. Together, they travel the United States fitting together the puzzle pieces on the problems of the world and sharing what they learn with others through their documentaries. They are the co-owners of the production company, Sound and Fury Productions, in Tucson, AZ.



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