What have you done Steve?

This job really is a thankless task sometimes, which leaves me shaking my head in despair and thinking to myself ‘ why do I bother’. I am of course referring to Steve Messham’s apology to the paedophile McAlpine. We are now led to believe that Messham, who has been quizzed countless times on his allegation that he was abused by McAlpine, has just been shown a picture of the Lord and realised that it was not the same man that was in the photo he alleges the police showed to him in the early 1990′s. Messham also now alleges that when he was shown the photo in the early 1990′s the police told him that the man in the photo was McAlpine.

How much money have you been offered Steve? Let’s be clear here. We are now suppose to believe that despite the many quizzes Messham has faced and the BBC leaving themselves almost wide open for a multi million pound lawsuit, following a program based entirely on Messhams evidence, the man in question has only ever seen two photographs of McAlpine… Well one, since he now claims the first was not McAlpine. Really???

You have to have some sympathy with Messham. Once the ‘Greys’ pay you a visit, they are very persuasive… One way or the other. Messham, has also had, without doubt, an awful life by any standards. Accepting money to buy his silence would be wholly preferable to the alternative deal the ‘Greys’ would have offered him.  Moreover, the amount offered would have been more money than Messham would recieve going through the courts. The amount in question, when being decided, would have taken into account the far reaching implications to the Establishment as a whole, had Messham pursued his claim and the amount that would be claimed by others, once the flood gates were opened.

Furthermore, Messham is without a doubt, not the brightest bulb in the box and years of abuse will have left him easy to manipulate, easy to frighten and wholly unequipped with the stamina and strength of character needed to carry on.

Having said that, In retracting his claim, he has firmly re-bolted the Establishments door and in doing so left the coast clear for untold more children to suffer the same fate that he suffered as a child. Shame on you Steve.


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