Website Revealing “What Jimmy Savile Really Did?” Has Been Pulled


If you are not following the revelations about Jimmy Savile closely and believe that he was a loaner who touched-up a few young groupies, then you have been deceived. Jimmy Savile’s actions go far beyond what you can even begin to believe: until you look at the evidence.

In this article I am going to tell you exactly how you have been deceived, why you have been deceived and why it matters to everyone in the UK.

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  The Cover-up


On 11th January 2013, the Metropolitan Police and the NSPCC published their joint report into the Operation Yewtree investigation, titled “Giving Victims A Voice”.

The problems with that report were twofold. Firstly they did not actually give all the victims a voice, only the ones who reported lower-level abuse (and considering the abuse revealed included raping mentally and physically disabled people, the high-level abuse must be, as you will learn, far, far beyond even that). It will also become clear as to why some of the worst abuse will never have been reported to the Police.

The reason for this dumbing-down through an incomplete investigation, and reporting on it, is simple.  The authorities failed at all levels when it came to Savile.  By limiting the horrors we, the public, find out about, the less likely it is that there will be a public outcry against those who knew about, covered-up for and participated in the abuse at all levels of our society.

The second problem is that their main conclusion was false.  It was part of a cover-up.  The cover-up is in place to hide from the British public one very simple fact:

Child abusers linked to Jimmy Savile go right to the top of our establishment.

Please note the source of this very informative material at was  pulled last night, Saturday 30th March 2013.  The articles seemed well researched and provided  information about Savile and his involvement with Edward Heath who has reported to have taken children from the infamous Jersey home at Haut de la Garenne in Jersey for abuse on his yacht. Further, references were made relating to the peculiar relationship between Savile – Buckingham Palace, Princess Diana, Prince Charles and Sarah Ferguson.  The author/s questioned why Savile was allowed to get so close to them?


 Was he the precurer of children?

Was he the Court Jester?



Many Royals valued their jesters as confidants
and trusted friends in centuries past


“Playing the confidant was indeed a common role for jesters, in royal courts and in literature too. Shakespeare bestowed key parts for many a jester in his plays. The Bard’s famous stage jesters include Touchstone in As You Like It, The Fool in King Lear, Trinculo in The Tempest, Costard in Love’s Labours Lost, Launcelot Gobbo in The Merchant of Venice, Lavache in All’s Well That Ends Well, Yorick in Hamlet, Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Dromio of Syracuse and Dromio of Ephesus in The Comedy of Errors. While many royals valued their jesters as confidants and trusted friends, this role was reserved for elite jesters.”


The error notice states: “ is no longer available, the authors have deleted this site.”

Why was the website MADLANDS pulled? Did the author/s get too close to the truth?

What other reason could there be?

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