Volume 13 Issue 1

We begin this issue with an article by David Bourne entitled “The Queen’s Jubilee – What have we REALLY been celebrating?”

David asks: “How many people today have an inkling of what the Coronation was all about? How can the Queen still be our Sovereign if she is merely another EU citizen, in subjugation to EU Law, in what was once her realm? Our Constitutional Monarch has secretly been diminished, if not usurped in some way. The British People recognised her as our undoubted Queen and gave our Consent, that is election by acclamation, that she should be our Sovereign Queen and be the physical embodiment of our National Sovereignty.

The fact is, that the law of the Constitution clothes her as our Sovereign, with supreme sovereignty and pre-eminence but also binds her to the terms of the Coronation Oath and the maxims of the common law, to observe and obey the law and; that she is upheld in that position by the loyalty and devotion of her people. What could possibly go wrong?” A new portrait depicts a ‘crownless queen.’ We are undecided which is a more appropriate title for this portrait: “The Betrayal” or “The Betrayed.”

Bob Lomas, like David, is a former founder member of The Magna Society, we quote his recent post concerning the gravity of the situation:

“With this regard it would seem that the British people are living under a delusion created by a sinister smoke and mirrors system backed by charades such as the Queen’s Jubilee and all upheld and promoted by the national press. Presently, it is a case of ‘oh what a web we weave,’ but all could be rectified if the national press jointly decided to be honest with the people and tell them the truth and so halt the progress down the slippery slope to anarchy on which the nation has embarked. Alas, recent events suggest that such an action would be highly unlikely.”

Is it coincidental that the Jubilee anniversary took place during the same year as the London Olympic games? We think not. Few who watched the grand display of the Jubilee flotilla as it sailed down the Thames, were aware the display was a highly organised ritual with precision timing at every stage. The Jubilee was followed during August and September with the opening and closing of the Olympic Games, both these events were extremely unusual. Sandra Barr’s research indicates something quite sinister.

Her blog http://truthseeker444.blogspot.co.uk states: “The geography of the Olympic Park; shows an Island within an island, surrounded by the River Lea off-shoots of which drain into the Thames. The Thames flows into the North Sea and then connects with the waterways of the world. Water carries a vibration and a memory, should anything negative or positive happen at the Olympic Park, the vibration would be carried around the globe…7 bridges lead to the inner Island where the stadium sits. The 7 Seals of the apocalypse and the 7 seals of Saturn are very much connected…”

Few who watched the games would have been able to interpret both the opening and closing ceremonies on an energetic level – beyond relativity, a science we have not been taught. Some scientists are just beginning to accept the truth about energy and thought energy, and have begun to study what many have known for centuries. In fact some of today’s leading scientists in areas of physics, biology, psychology and many other fields are starting to recognise the importance of thought energy and electromagnetic fields which make up the universe – everything is consciousness.

It is said that energy follows intention/thought and therefore the influence of our psyche is very powerful. It is also said, we create our reality, at one level this is true, but it is our opinion that reality is also being created for us. If we take into consideration the influence of our psyche with electromagnetic fields on the world around us, we must ask what was the real meaning/purpose behind the ceremonies, what was the intention behind their inception and presentation to the world. In the closing Olympic ceremony we saw the phoenix rise from the ashes. Was this symbolic of a manifestation, the rise of the Fourth Reich – the New World Order?

The push towards the use of technology is certainly far more than a commercial interest although it is said, SmartTV detection zone ‘will know what you are doing and discussing whilst the TV powered on and relaying back to research data collection centres which adverts should be broadcast and when. See Stop Smart Meters UK. This technology infringes on every aspect of our lives, so much so, we are completely dependent upon it. This has come at a HIGH price, we have exchanged privacy and self-autonomy for convenience, in acquiescence. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are highly invasive, a proven destructive force, having negative affects on all life. We are made up of atoms of energy, everything is energy, some fields vibrate at different frequencies which in-turn affect our frequency. In this issue we are attempting to raise awareness of these facts.

Wheat during biblical times was regarded as the staff of life and in the present time it should be described as genetically modified into the kiss of death. (More on this in the next issue). Little did we know, the wheat we are currently eating is not the same as that consumed by our grandparents – prior to the 1960’s. We have recently become aware of the drastic implications of consuming the present day wheat which has been for decades, now, Genetically Modified without our knowledge or notification. In this issue, Dr Davis, best-selling author of Wheat Belly says 90% of the world’s wheat is Genetically Modified, introducing a protein called ‘gliadin’ which developed into a chronic poison with severe multiple implications that are detrimental to health; thus creating an enormous market for the treatment with drugs, boosting the coffers of Big Pharma.
As we near the end of 2012, we must stay focused, alert, undeterred and when necessary courageous.


“…To live, is to risk dying. To hope, is to risk despair.

And to try, is to risk failure.

But risks must be taken, because the greatest risk
in life is to risk nothing.

The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing,
is nothing and becomes nothing!”
~ Anonymous (p.57)

We wish all our readers a peaceful,
healthy and successful New-Year – 2013.

The Namaste Team

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