Vol.9 Issue 4

In this issue, we have paid extra attention to the events concerning the EU. Over the weeks leading up to the 25th March, the UK media remained eerily silent over the implications of the recent 50th anniversary celebration on 25th March in Berlin. To those who are aware, and most people are not, this was not a benign event, disguised as “ EU 50th celebrations.” This event actually marked a major advancement in what is effectively an umbrella organisation, silently birthing a draconian police state, which will affect every one of us. The lack of attention by the media in removing the mask of this event and its implications serves to enforce our understanding of just how the media is controlled and is assisting in the orchestrating of events. They are the vassals of the ruling elite.

The ruthless determination behind the EU agenda planners is evident in the speech made by Angela Merkel. She made it clear when she said, “The rejection by French and Dutch voters of the planned constitution will not stop the EU project.” She signed into existence the Berlin Declaration, a new EU mission statement which pledges to put the EU “on a renewed common basis” before the European Parliament elections in 2009. This NOW COMPELS all nations to sign the final treaty before the next European elections in June 2009.

Are we looking at the last days of British justice and liberty? Let’s not forget that this was not handed to us on a platter. Many do not realise that the British Parliament surrendered its sovereignty to the EU in 1972… The film, The Real Face of Europe (which we implore you to watch) deals with exposing the truth of the E.U…. This subject of our special editorial is continued on page 34.
There are powerful forces at work, manipulating and subverting our justice and governmental system, of which an organisation called Common Purpose is a part (we will deal with this in our next issue). Thus, the all pervading deception is going unchecked by the people, as long as we are kept uninformed by the media, entertained and dumbed down by chemicals. There are only a few lone voices in the wilderness, sadly often quickly discredited or just simply ignored by so many.

Our North American readers will notice similarities between what is occurring in the UK, and how the manipulation of the people of the USA is gradually but relentlessly undermining their constitution against the design put in place by their founding fathers to prevent tyrannical rule over the people.
Currently, in the UK, there has been media coverage of the abolition of slavery which has completely ignored the important part that was played by ordinary men and women, many of whom risked their lives to help emancipate, not only black slaves but also the working classes of Britain. Too often we fall into the trap of the illusion of freedom. In every generation there have been men and women who became aware of this false sense of freedom and were brave enough to bring it to the attention of the population at large…Henry George was such a man. (see page 16.)

What is slavery but the subjugation of people. This, of course, began in the UK with the Enclosures Act and the land clearances which led to the Industrial Revolution – the death of craftsmen/women. We should never forget that slavery was also in the UK. “Those peasants did not of course “flock” to the factories. … They were driven – as men are finally driven. By hunger. By desperation and despair.”The Land Question. This was/is is a crucial part of the New World Order agenda. Women were denied access to good health care, family planning, advanced education and the vote. In a future issue we will deal with this part of his-story – how the vote was won by the sacrifice of a few hundred women. The land question is central to the slavery that still exists today in ever growing numbers of people throughout the world.

It is an illusion that we are free. We no longer have visible chains, for the modern enslavement is of the mind. One aspect of this is our grovelling reliance on experts and often our unquestioning worship of science. This aspect is highlighted in this issue’s article on Diane Fleming and Sally Clark: In our next issue we will publish the moving and riveting account of the last four days of Diane’s husband’s life, as told by her closest friend, Betty P. Rickmond, both convicted of murder on the basis of fraudulent scientific evidence which the public has been programmed to accept, trusting the system. Justice is not based on truth. It is for those who have money and power – the super-rich grow ever richer while the poor forage for food in the dust. (The Duchess of Cornwall can afford to have a favourite pair of shoes flown from Highgrove to Bahrain, while her husband, Charles, lectures us, the peasants, on the importance of global warming, another red herring which we are being conditioned to believe.)

Weather manipulation is real…! (see page 44). So is global warming, an excuse to disguise induced weather patterns causing extreme devastation which the masses will accept as natural phenomena? We are continually distracted, forever working to pay our debts for all our material gains. This leaves us in a permanent state of servitude and confusion, hence so many in the so-called free world, are enslaved by the banks, money created out of thin air – read in this issue what the Money Masters don’t want you to know.

To what end and for whose gain is all of this? Or what’s more to the point, what is being hidden from us? We are constantly being distracted, eyes fixed watching a staged show rather than the agenda. Perhaps one should look with modern insight into the ancient stories that have been misinterpreted. The ultimate tyranny is the manipulation of consciousness through which reality is defined!… (see page 41)

In this issue, Tara’s review of the book about the ancient Nag Hammadi Scrolls links in with Zacharia Sitchin’s work on intelligent design from other worlds. Therefore we must take a new look at her-story. Who are we really? More importantly where do we come from? We can see in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls and Sitchens’ work, the irrefutable evidence of genetic manipulation, cloning and space travel. Nothing changes does it? Are the blood lines who rule earth, direct descendants of the Annunaki and other terrestrial visitors? Are the gods that people worship nothing more than charlatans, renegade scientists from other systems/dimensions using this world as their private laboratory?

Often we see evidence that our science is flawed. So we must ask if we can trust anything we are told. How do we know who we are? What are we and indeed where we are? We accept that we are superior to animals. How do we know? Who decides what the masses are taught…The same people who have given his-story?

Are we now being led blindfolded, once more, into the next stage of the game…under the guise of the EU which we were originally told would be a free trade agreement. The beast of enslavement may have changed its spots but the agenda remains the same…. the removal of Habeas Corpus, the right to trial by jury and Double Jeopardy leads us back in time to serfdom and slavery. Is this what our ancestors worked and died for? Time is running out. The new age and other religions speak of the end times and the significance of 2012 – the beginning of a new era. Indeed, we think there will be ….but what can we really expect…what is the truth? A police state? Hold on tight! Beware of the manoeuvre to attack Iran followed by another stock market crash worse than 1920’s. Agnes George de Mille says it all:

“… We chose this because it suited a few people to have us do so. They counted on our mental indolence and we freely and obediently conformed. We chose not to think.”
~ Agnes George de Mille. 1979.

The Namaste Team

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