Vol.9 Issue 3

In this issue we remember the anniversary of the massacre of the Lakota Sioux at Wounded Knee in South Dakota on the 29th December 1890. This action was perpetrated by white settlers in the form of the US Cavalry employed by an elected government in a country stolen from the indigenous people whose inalienable rights have been completely taken away. This is nothing short of genocide.
Those in control manoeuvred and manipulated to gain power over the indigenous people, having violated and stolen their country; they then diluted their culture with enforced Christian indoctrination and education.

We should ask why such actions are carried-out? Is there an agenda? Yes there is. It has been and continues to be carried out by the puppeteers of faceless beings and ruling families of Babylon. Their sole intention is to eradicate the indigenous population around the world to advance an agenda that will ultimately imprison the rest of humanity.

We also remember in this issue Thomas Paine, a freethinker and surely one of England’s greatest-ever sons, a man of the people for the people, yet the Church and State have almost succeeded in denying him publicity and recognition of his many great achievements. They prefer for us not be reminded of the man who exposed the link in the chains that have for so long imprisoned humanity.

It is a sad commentary on the state of humanity’s stupidity, greed and need for immediate gratification.
Let us not forget that Europe has also experienced its own massacres, carried out by the same perpetrators, the ruling families in concert with the Church of Rome, against other indigenous people such as the Cathars and Celts to name but two. What threat did they pose to their agenda? His-story belongs to the victor.

Through the influence of the media we have been desensitised to the massacres that have occurred and are still taking place in Africa and other Third World countries. The media refers to them as wars caused by rebel armies. However, if one looks deeper, one will notice that these same areas have vast mineral deposits, not always obvious, probably mapped from space.

The British Empire (Babylon) conquered one quarter of the world’s landmass. The tactics used for this manoeuvre was to divide the people, then cultivate the idea of self-rule so the people would believe they had freedom. Why did the natives of such countries believe they were/are free? Because they were given the vote and introduced to a system called democracy, (in the same manner we have been taught to believe we are free). Eventually those occupied countries are supposedly left with people-elected governments. A recent example of this system is Iraq, where people are brutally raped and ancient artefacts destroyed, leaving the people divided with a puppet government installed, reportedly elected by the people, or so we are told. If we look closer and read between the lines, we will see places in Asia and Africa controlled by brutal and corrupt dictatorships that have been supported by the West. Even Saddam Hussein and the Talaban have been financed and armed by the West. So who really pulls the strings?

In this issue Tara has reviewed an important book entitled Free to Be Human. This title is very appropriate, given the continued loss of our civil liberties. Although written in 1993, the book concurs with our understanding that a thread of truth, which is always present, can be traced throughout his-story. This is the golden thread referred to by the Hermeticists and the Gnostics. As an illustration of the importance of this thread, we have included in this issue an extract from the book, They Thought They Were Free, The Germans 1933-45. But then it was too late……………!

“What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security…”
Notice any similarities?

It is exactly what we are witnessing today, yet so many are unaware of the implications. When one reads the article one feels the author is writing about the UK, Europe and America since the year 2000. It is because the agenda is so insidiously pervasive that only a few have the ability to recognise it. We are caught in a maelstrom, a well-orchestrated illusion. The war on humanity did not begin and end in Germany. It is an agenda that has continued and developed over centuries into to the pernicious body now known as the EU – the New World government. A conspiracy theory? No…. Another word misinterpreted, its inherent meaning altered.

The world controllers use their masks of care and concern for our safety and protection to massage our brains. We then become sheep-like, happy to chew all day on grass, rocked to sleep by entertainment and chemically-adulterated food and water. One by one, we unwittingly allow ourselves to be denuded of our inalienable rights. Humanity should never take its limited freedom for granted. When we do, we do so at our peril, we live in only the ILLUSION of democracy.

Patrick Mooney illustrates this so accurately in his article EVIL’S GREATEST TRICK – The Illusion of Goodness, one of the tactics of deception is under the disguise of kindness. He says:
“Be as kind as you would like to be, or don’t be kind at all. The important thing is to hone your perceptions against being seduced by kindness. Once that is accomplished, the power you have gathered can be exercised efficiently and unerringly.

More humans now, it seems, are seeing clearly the workings of the world than any other time in modern history. But seeing clearly is not enough and unlearners have always tried to harp on that point. It will take active, practical steps to make good a perceived and shared reality. Until then, it is just an illusion conjured by evil men.

This evil is pervasive and organised. It will not stop until there is a power sufficiently strong enough to check it. If you think meditating on love and light, thinking positive thoughts and holding no judgements are the answers to the world’s dilemmas, then your spirit may be too far sunk in the New Age to save yourself or others. New Age is the mind sewage that pollutes people who pride themselves on being good…”

Lurking behind the illusionary mask of kindness and goodwill are hideous cruelties that have been and still are being practised by religion and democracy. The golden thread of truth allows us the opportunity to see the shameful genocide of Native Peoples and civilisations that litter mankind’s his-tory.
In this season of goodwill it would be relevant to ask, whose birth are we really celebrating? Is it hope, peace and new life? Or is it the rebirth of MAMMON, the ancient god of materialism? Their representative is Father Christ-mas who mocks (democks) us with his laughter HO! HO! HO!
Interestingly, some countries have retained the story of an old woman on a broomstick – the ancient symbol of the Tree of Life, the crone who represents the Virgin Matrix or Mother, the bringer of new life. There lies a story, our story not his-tory.

Are we too late? Humanity 0001-2007. We wish our readers health, strength and discernment in the coming year.

The Namaste Team

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