Vol.9 Issue 2

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The world resembles a theatre, more and more so, with various performances taking place simultaneously such as, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, the terrorist threat and immigration issues. The word Muslim is being used to penetrate our consciousness to create a feeling of disquiet and unrest. All these types of what is essentially mind-control are breeding an air of discontent, fear and a gradual fracturing of society with dangerously polarised opinions. We are creating a world of us and them, reminiscent of pre-Nazi Germany, the Balkans, Yugoslavia and Rwanda. This programme is being played out in many countries e.g. in Africa. We should be very careful that we do not allow this programme of division that leads to hatred, to be played out here.

We British have fought long and hard for many hundreds of years, to win equality and liberty for our citizens; it was not handed to us on a platter! We must beware that fear of immigrants or perceived terrorism does not allow our freedoms to be further eroded by dictatorial legislation such as the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, (Britain’s Patriot Act) … deliberately not given enough Parliamentary time … and orchestrated through the exploitation of supposed TERRORIST actions, and the development of a psychological profile of our supposed enemy. Hitler presented Shylock-type caricatures of Jewish people for years. It appears to us that we are presented with caricatures of Muslims. Is the stage being set? For what? As David Icke has pointed out many years ago, the game plan is, “Problem, Reaction, Solution.” So what are we looking at here? We are continually being presented with a version of reality, which does not accord, with our instinctive humanity.

Since ‘9/11’ there has been an escalation in the manipulation of consciousness. As Professor A.K. Dewdney writes in his article page 6…

“There is strong evidence that the attacks of September 11 were not carried out by Arab/Muslim extremists. The aircraft that struck the twin towers, as well as the Pentagon, were not the aircraft alleged to have done so. The twin towers did not collapse as a result of fires caused by the impact of incoming aircraft, but were brought down by controlled demolition. …The realisation that the attacks of September 11, 2001 on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon were not the work of Muslim/Arab “terrorists” raises a natural question. Who was behind the attacks? And indeed who was behind the other attacks such as in London and Madrid?”

We are being bombarded with schizophrenic messages, which create an archetype of a race or part of the community, so it can be used to instil fear and hatred. As we have seen in other countries, neighbours turn on neighbours and people are slowly being manipulated to spy on others. Does this have the hallmarks of the agenda used elsewhere throughout the world in order to create division? In the newly released film, One Nation Under Siege, page 48, Joyce Riley refers to the existence of the Covert Action Program against American citizens’ rights, a government programme, in the government’s own words “preventing the exercise of First Amendment Rights of speech and association.”

Also, Dr. Rima Laibo refers to an FBI educational brochure proving how US law enforcement personnel are being trained to identify potential domestic terrorists by “thought” profiling. She quotes the FBI Brochure which says “that defenders of the US constitution against Federal Government and the UN should be monitored as potentially murderous and fanatical terrorists and by extension should be considered mentally disturbed….”
We understand that this insidious erosion of human rights and civil liberties occurring in America is also happening in the UK, only in a more covert manner. There was an attempt to introduce changes to the Mental Health Act of 1983, in 2004. This would have removed even the most cursory safeguards. This has been shelved for the moment, but what has been added to the current legislation is what is called the Incapacity Act, which deems those who are not ‘human enough,’ incapable to make decisions for themselves, therefore their decisions must be made for them. Is this a covert way of ensuring that those who oppose the government can be medicated? How long will it be before our laws match those of the USA… as they ALWAYS succeed in doing eventually?!

We are being pulled away from brotherhood, the caring for and the honouring of life itself.

Medicine is being used as a tool for social control, especially in the field of psychiatry.

In Tony Caves’ article, page 11, he highlights the power of the ‘ward round’ in psychiatric hospitals, as being, “Reminiscent of the courts of the Spanish Inquisition it is attended by all the people involved with the detained person who are referred to as ‘the team’ At one round I attended there were no less than 20 people in ‘the team.’.. at the four hospitals with which I am currently familiar … there was not one detained person who was not medicated.”

There was a time when the internal balance of Parliament might have served to check Governmental powers thereby protecting the people. But, during the past one hundred years, these balances have been manipulated. The Lords had their absolute veto removed by the Parliament Act of 1911. They were left instead with a temporary veto during three consecutive sessions. The Parliament Act of 1949 was passed, using the procedure of the 1911 Act, which reduced the delaying veto from three, to two consecutive sessions. This amendment was clearly unnecessary. Since 1911, the Lords, being aware of their constitutional weakness, have tended not to provoke the use of the Parliament Acts. They will try to amend, make protests, but will normally submit to whoever controls the Lower House of Parliament. Hence, the present government has been able to push through so many laws that now threaten the very essence of our human rights and civil liberties. Reference http://www.seangabb.co.uk/flcomm/flc131.htm

Are viruses and depleted uranium, fluoride, aspartame, medical drugs and others being used to control, destroy and affect the population, perhaps even change the genome? For example, how and why did the AIDS virus come into being? The flowchart referred to in Dr Boyd Graves’ article page 14, provides the absolute missing link, in proving the existence of a co-ordinated research program to develop a cancer virus that depletes the immune system. He states, “U.S. government continues to orchestrate silence from the very top echelons of Congress and the military. Our society is structured to hide crimes committed by the state, while punishing citizens for minor indiscretions. Their strategy focuses on the gene research.”
In Leuren Moret’s article, page 28, she explains how vast amounts of Depleted Uranium used in the Middle East during Gulf Wars l and ll, have been, “transported on air currents from the Middle East and Central Asia…” and have now been detected in the atmosphere over the UK. Is this ensuring that the DNA is affected?

Why are there so many laws and constraints on our everyday lives being introduced? Power and money they already have, so why? Are we so controlled that we are no longer able to see… even unwilling… perhaps unable to resist?

The Namaste Team

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