Vol.9 Issue 1

In this issue, as seems to happen with each issue, a common thread has emerged that weaves through each article. The essence of this issue is ‘control and manipulation of humanity’ and begins with News Not in the News concerning John Ruiz Dempsey, a forensic litigation specialist, who has filed a class action suit on behalf of the people of Canada, alleging that the financial institutions are engaged in the illegal creation of money. This scenario can be applied to the global community. Control of money is vital to the agenda – it enslaves humanity. It is pivotal to the understanding of the bigger picture which now regulates “this world.”

We, “… the lower order of people,” (as ‘they’ refer to us, see the Bankers Manifesto of 1892, p.8) have been manipulated for generations. First by religion, our brains then further targeted by education, ensuring the fragmentation of the mind, (see review The New Conspiracy Reader p.18).
As one travels through the debris and examines the events that have plagued humanity through the ages, trying to fully grasp the horrific acts that have been perpetrated against the animal kingdom and ourselves, a trail begins to emerge, as one’s mind opens to concepts beyond 3D reality, history, limited science and education. Eventually one starts to join up the dots. Earth-shattering at first, we know, to the point of not wanting to accept why anyone or anything would inflict such heinous acts, and it is also distressing to accept that many beings are condemned to a life of poverty, misery, sickness and disability. What is more nauseating, is that it is plannned. This is where the reasoning and educated logical brain will trip back into a dissociative state, rather than begin to shift its view of the world because it finds it so unacceptable. Those who try to provide information beyond the realm of the indoctrinated masses, are then ridiculed and dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists’. Yet the word conspiracy derives from the Latin word meaning “to breath together.” The moment a person hears a note of a so-called conspiracy theory, they immediately laugh and set out to discredit the singer. Or worse still, the new age will say we came here to endure – to learn from our experience. Oh really?

Since the Industrial Revolution, our environment and food supply have become polluted, culminating in the relentless attack on our immune system by so-called advanced medicine with its poisonous drugs and vaccines. Why?

We are now depleted of essential minerals and trace elements, weakening still further our immune system – ultimately the DNA . See in this issue the excellent article The Miracle of Magnesium by Dr Carolyn Dean who explains the absolute need of the body for magnesium. Without it, she says; “We are operating without the power turned on”. The medical profession seems totally ignorant of this knowledge. Why?

Never before has the so-called free world been so well fed yet so malnourished, with more chronically sick people than ever before, (contrary to what we have been educated to believe). Aspartame, fluoride and other insidious noxious toxic substances have also played their part in dumbing down and affecting the brain (let alone the body as a whole). Only those with an agenda to harm and destroy would declare such poisons to be safe, thus sanctioning them to be used in our environment, food and drinking water supplies. In the last fifty-years, we believe the DNA has been ‘greatly weakened’, evidenced by the amount of illness in subsequent generations.

When one begins to research the many facets of control, (see 7/7- the London Bombings p.38), it is easy to see clearly how events have been, and are being, orchestrated. We have now moved into the era of the faceless terrorist. Since 911 the world has accepted more control and loss of liberty than ever before. The masses readily accept the view presented to them by the controlled mainstream media. Modern technology is now fine tuning the malleable human brain and degenerating body targeted by the Pharma Cartel through its front line soldiers, the unsuspecting trained medical profession.

Manuel Valenzuela’s article, illustrates the capabilities and effects of technology. Manuel says:
“… he who controls television controls the masses, and he who controls the masses controls the nation. …The ruling elite can, through clandestine programming and seemingly innocuous entertainment, influence the way millions of minds think, invariably transforming free thought into shackled reasoning. Over decades of methodical moulding and development, beginning at the earliest possible age of a human being, those who control television oftentimes succeed in altering and indeed controlling the opinions, beliefs and thoughts of a person. Thus, the goals and views of the elite are transmuted onto those who stand not to benefit by the beliefs they now possess and the thoughts they have been brainwashed to accept.” This has never more true than today.

Sadly, we are already Dancing to the Tune of an Unknown Drummer, (see Dr Nick Begich, p.9). “..in the end they will lay their freedom at our feet and say to us, ‘make us your slaves, but feed us’.”
The Grand Inquisitor …Fyodor Dostoevsky. We rest our case….

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