Vol.12 Issue 4

Despite unforeseen circumstances which delayed the publication of this issue, we offer you an exceptional collection of articles which we hope you find informative, truthful and inspiring. We think they reflect the wave of new consciousness which is beginning to flower; older members of our team remember the last great awakening in the 1950s which brought the great changes of the 1960s into being. In this increasingly strange world, truth is a priceless commodity. We do our very best to bring truth to you without reward or favour. The members of our team are furiously independent and are not puppets of any organisation or individual. Namaste Magazine is a meeting place for people who are not alike, who have differing views and opinions but who are prepared to join these differences together and look at the picture which emerges. Krishna Krishnamurthy said, “Truth is a pathless land.” We say it is a wise person who is prepared to investigate and listen to a point of view, opinion or belief to which they may feel totally opposed. Wisdom teaches everything has a value in the pathless land. At this point in time, humanity is in a pathless land, as massive cultural changes are taking place, mankind is slowly being moulded into an homogenous mass. The phrases: common purpose, global union, going forward, central government and international community are among the buzz words used for indoctrination – social engineering used by of the ‘elite.’ A difference in culture is only tolerated when they are useful to the ‘elite’ and their servants, in promoting disagreement, hatred and ultimately war. To be different attracts being branded psychologically or mentally ill, subjected to character assassination, vilified or castigated across the media and social media (Internet).

One of the greatest enemies of progress, vital to the emergence of any awakened and aware humanity, is the carefully disguised infiltrators, agents of the ‘elite’ (controlled opposition). These are literally wolves in sheep’s clothing. All of us need to be aware of the false prophets, the whisperers, social change agents, the mind programmers and those who pose as champions of freedom whilst being amply rewarded as servants of the ‘elite.’ We see much evidence of this in the successful sale of current books, pedalling ideas which verge on the bizarre – philosophies, pop psychology, pseudoscience, all mostly plagiarised from obscure and forgotten earlier works by teams of skilled researchers. Above all enemies is the EGO – I AM RIGHT! The mixture of love and forgiveness is thrown in the mix with a display of hatred for those who disagree.

Many of our contributors’ stories are rarely published in mainstream publications. One story that did, is that of Dr Sarah Myhill, a private doctor, who stands amongst a long line of dedicated, progressive health professionals in the UK. Attempts have been made to malign her with false reports made to the General Medical Council, a professional body that has unfortunately developed a reputation for upholding such complaints against good doctors whilst allowing unethical doctors to continue to practice. This type of character assassination and persecution continues in America, where the infamous quackbuster, Stephen Barrett has plagued the internet searching for those who practised natural medicine so that he could target them, Tim Bolen’s article (p.13).

Conversely, health professionals are paid to write reports about people they have ‘never met,’ specifically so they can be used in the court system to ‘undermine’ the character of an individual. These unlawful reports are used by local authorities to ‘incriminate’ a parent in order to take away a child – organised legal child-snatching by the state. How can they do this, you may ask? For most, who have never had experience of the police or the courts, can call themselves fortunate. The ‘elite’s’ system relies on maintaining us in a state of fear, assisted by an enforced education system to mould our minds, keeping us uninformed thus ensuring we are kept ignorant and indolent. Charlotte Iserbyt’s article, The Death of Free Will, describes how in most countries around the world children are now being trained to perform like animals and not to think. In the UK, pre-school children are being taught sign language. This is part of the universal ‘curriculum’ (a word of Roman origin). Are we seeing a repetition of the Tower of Babel? Many of the words in the English language have their foundation in Latin, Greek and other ancient languages, which have helped the process of homogenizing the population resulting in the destruction of regional languages and community traditions. There are places in various parts of Europe where people no longer use old words and accents such as; Hoch Deutch (from which ‘posh’ English originates) which has disappeared. This has further led to the destruction of culture and national identity. Now in Europe, with the ‘surge’ of permitted immigrants passing through national borders, restrictions have been removed in preparation for a One World Order.

On another level, the old programmes are slipping away, as they do there is an opportunity for humanity to escape. As the old system breaks down, large gaps appear. People are now becoming aware that his-story may be a lie, but the truth is still hazy. From pre-Babylonian times, certain entities have maintained a tight control on the human race. The Babylonian Empire transmuted into the Holy Roman Empire and currently the British Empire. Thus, certain bloodlines have held their grip on power over centuries, Babylon is Falling (p.54). Philosophers and men of wisdom have died leaving remnants of truth. As did wise women during the Inquisition, burnt at the stake ensuring ancient wisdom and knowledge of our-story were destroyed. Language changed with invasions and culture was lost. Buildings were burnt down where knowledge was once stored, enabling ‘elite’ families to continue to run a Roman world of make-believe. They gave the world an economic system called capitalism, the alphabet and law. Temple Bar is the seat of law, British law (Roman law) which enslaves the world with a corrupt and perverse system serving no one except the ‘elite.’ The illusion of justice is maintained and supported by the Bar of Guilds in London. This knowledge ‘must’ be studied, absorbed and utilised if we are ever able to regain our sovereignty.

The New Age has for many years offered prophesies about 2012 as being the year for a raise in consciousness and with that a new world. Or could 2012 be the year human consciousness is lost forever? Everything promoted is the reverse of the truth! A window of opportunity exists for humanity to wake up or will we succumb to the agenda of the New World Order? The London Olympic ceremony opens on 27 July at 21.00 BST; with the tolling of a 27 ton bell, cast at a foundry in Whitechapel, London. Its vibration will be transmitted around the globe via a high-tech system. To what end? The bell is inscribed with a line from Shakespeare’s, The Tempest: “Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises.” The organisers have kept the bell’s dimensions and weight a secret and thereby its FREQUENCY! Bells were once used to communicate en masse.

“Peacefully we must say ‘No’ en masse to their dictates. Turn outrage into action now and you won’t hear the door to freedom slam behind you, as it will if you do nothing. The walls of suppression will tumble down if we stop suppressing ourselves and each other, we must spread this knowledge, far and wide, unite and do what we know to be right, which is more powerful than the fear of the consequences. They will fall away.” (p.54)

For whom will the bell toll? For you? Will you allow this?

 The Namaste Team

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