Vol.12 Issue 3

As we approach the end of 2011, the earth is nearing the completion of its 26,000 year cycle known by the ancient Vedic astronomers as the precession of the equinox, produced by the wobble of the earth’s axis. For many years the New Age has been predicting and promoting the end of the Mayan Calendar – the end of this cycle and the end of life as we know it. As 2012 comes nearer, we are constantly reminded of global warming and the need for Sustainable Development which has encroached upon every sector of our lives, with requisites of more charges and requiring more of our money. Global warming has developed a succession of environmental hoaxes originating with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring which was a leading weapon behind the greatest lie of the century. This, in turn, provided the climate for birthing the use of Sustainable Development to further an agenda which is being used as a weapon for global control and world depopulation.

In this issue we see how, in America, the police are being trained to suspend people’s rights in the event of a national emergency. The same would apply in the UK. The pattern towards a New World Order can be traced back several hundred years – such as with the displacement of the Native Peoples of America with the infamous “trail of tears.” In one of the saddest episodes of America’s brief history, men, women and children were taken from their land, herded into makeshift forts with minimal facilities and food, then forced to march a thousand miles from their homelands to a reservation. Many thousands died along the way, of starvation, exposure and disease. A few hundred years earlier, in the UK, many thousands were forced off the land in the infamous ‘land clearances,’ causing mass migration and dissolution of families.

How ironic that these same methods of displacing people are still being used in order to divide the people. This time with mass migration into the British Isles. Tony Blair has defended this mass migration policy, he was quoted in the Daily Mail on the 29th October as saying that it had a very positive impact on the country. He further said “it was ‘right’ that the country was made up of different cultures and faiths mixing together.” Notice the word “mixing.” We ask whom would this policy really serve? After all, it will only serve to displace and dilute the culture of the native peoples of these isles. Who benefits?

Our whole way of life and wellbeing is under threat in the UK and across the world. Propaganda of the HEALTH & SAFETY LIE, used to control our dietary supplements – under threat with the Federal Drug Association (FDA) in the USA and the Medicines and Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK, this is explained in articles by Bryon Richards, page 20 and Dounne Alexander, page 50. An example of the power wielded by ‘big pharma’ is visible by the introduction of the little known Cancer Act of 1939, seventy-two years ago. “The Cancer Act was established for scientific purposes; to support ‘scientific’ methodology for experimental cancer drug-treatments. In those days, cancer was considerably rarer than it is today; 1 in 40 to 50.” Now it is 1 in 3 and mainstream medicine is no closer to a cure, despite the £400 million ploughed into Cancer Research EVERY year, plus £50 million from the government. Who benefits from this genocide imposed by an industry that has succeeded in brainwashing the public and medical students alike within three generations, into accepting the myth of conventional cancer treatments and denying an individual’s right to choose a natural form of treatment?

This is an abuse of power whereby there is no accountability for the crimes perpetrated upon unwitting masses. Our whole natural medicine industry is in severe danger of being annihilated by the monstrous surge of unlawful power emanating from the EU and enacted by the MHRA and FDA, e.g., enforced medication, fluoridated water supplies and milk etc. without our consent. The MHRA intends to charge all natural health suppliers the insane figure of £250,000 per product for license to sell. These are the same people that approve the use of vaccines which have caused harm and permanently disabled thousands, such as young Katie whose image is on our front cover and whose deafness was caused by the MMR vaccine, yet she cannot claim disability benefit because she is only 60% disabled! The vaccine cabal is protected from prosecution! Who benefits? What are the vaccines really doing?

There seems little doubt that whatever is happening we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. We must not accept the obvious explanations that we are given. In our view there is a hidden science which involves time and esoteric knowledge based on the science of the energy field, laid down before a fetus is formed. It is this energy field which is the life-force of humanity as we know it. One of the agendas is to tap into this field to and misuse it – one of the doorways would be vaccination. We move here into the shadows of the next spectrum – beyond Einstein’s equation. Whatever the accelerator in Switzerland is, it is desperately important to the ‘elite’. We will expand on this in the next issue.

At this time we are witnessing on a consciousness level, whilst experiencing a fight for justice, an awakening from the enslavement of the mind which has prevented human consciousness from expanding. For at least the past 50 years human brains have been deliberately modified by Pavlovian/Skinnerian behavioral techniques through education and the media, augmented by changes in brain chemistry and damage from vaccines and now pornography, pages begining with 14 and 17. It is time to collect together the pieces of our lost consciousness, which have been manipulated by our ‘slave masters.’

Some believe we have more information and knowledge at our fingertips than any other civilization before us. We now know who and what our enemies are so must not be fooled by appearances. We should not turn away from what might appear to be outlandish ideas i.e. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) but consider the evidence before rejecting the impossibility. We must be discerning, all groups and truth movements will have traitors and infiltrators who appear as fellow activists, they will detract , divide and misinform, creating a vehicle for the emergence of tyrants. Tyrant then begets tyrant.

There is no controller, only ourselves. There is no enemy, only ourselves and our dependency upon authoritative figures who say they will lead us to a promise land. We are the slaves of thecorporateworld.com, an international businesses that involves an agenda that we are only starting to comprehend. The power is in our hands..

Freedom of assembly! Freedom of expression!

Freedom of speech! Respect the rights of the People!

Slavery was never abolished, it just changed tactics.

Humankind deserves better. ~ C. Merritt

The Namaste Team

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