Vol.12 Issue 2

June has arrived, it seems such a short time ago since we, in Britain, were encountering one of the coldest winters on record. Suddenly, we find ourselves only weeks away from the Summer Solstice, how fast the days and months are flying by! We are sure at some point in your life, you may have contemplated a period when you would have liked to go back to, perhaps a previous life. But would it be any better? For the vast majority of us in the so-called free world, we do indeed have a far better life than many who live in abject poverty. Even considering all our trial and tribulations, life could be MUCH harder for us. Then of course we, in the UK, do live in a nanny state the conditioning gives the impression that we are free people living in a just and fair society with equality for all. How do we know all of this? Well, we are often reminded by the media and of cause education keeps us INFORMED by constantly showing us a warped version of his-tory – reality, rarely allowing us to view the true reality of the world unless it is to delude us that we are well off and free.

The television has become such an important part of creating and maintaining the illusion, many just cannot live without it and, they are unable to hold a conversation unless it is about the soap opera, sport or a reality show that took their attention the night before. They live their life for the next episode and can only experience life through the television. Constantly kept in a state of stupor whereby we are unwilling to accept anything beyond our reality. Our reality is based on our experience and therefore it follows, if our experience is limited so will be our reality and therefore our consciousness. Consciousness is the key to KNOWING.

It is based on five-senses and so if the events and experience of our WORLD does not fit into the five-sense reality, our consciousness tells us that it does not exist and is unlikely to be true. Our group consciousness manifests as our collective reality, so when we are given information by the media, we build our reality on the news and for the most part we believe it. Occasionally they allow some of the corruption to emerge at some level, but then it quickly vanishes, rarely to be written about again. The purpose of the media is to distort the truth.

Nothing is as it appears to be. For example, in order to maneuver Prince Philip into Buckingham Palace the media concealed his real family name and their connections to the Nazis. We were told he was Prince Philip of Greece, yet he has not one drop of Greek blood in him, his ancestry is German! All his sisters married members of the SS, his real family name is Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg. Tara points out in her article, the controlling bloodlines plan hundreds, if not thousands, of years ahead and then based upon falsity, they make laws that supposedly make our society safer, more fair, democratic and free, when in actuality it is the opposite, they then create another prison for us. We in Britain, are controlled by an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Articles in this issue expose the construction of the deceit, a deceit that is always in front of us – hiding in plain site. To enable this to continue, we are programmed to argue with each other over the fine print, loosing sight and ability to see the overall picture. So often campaigners with good intention will fall out with each other, a trait they, the global elite, rely on and laugh at as infiltrators are placed in every movement and campaign to disrupt and destroy. Beware, the costume worn by the infiltrator (actor) will always be in keeping with the rest of the cast and so once again we are easily deceived. How many of us will check out the background of a newcomer to a group? We like to trust, they know we do! Trust is one of our greatest assets and at the same time, our greatest weakness. If we don’t trust, we are denigrated for not doing so. Dr Kitty Little says in her article on p19, “There is a series of faces behind the mask who hide their real intentions and opinions, behind the mask are the Global Elite…” When one becomes aware of the pattern – the infiltrator becomes obvious.

Elisabeth Beckett’s article p.9 clearly marks out the deceit and actions of the English monarch, which is and has been against the people of Britain. We have been betrayed by a carefully constructed plan upheld by our collective ignorance and stupidity. In reading Joan Veon’s article p6, it becomes quiet clear that our monarch has her own agenda. Joan quotes the Queen’s address to the UN – this reveals a woman who is a major influence. This isn’t a woman who sits listening to ministers, everything is the opposite of what we are told – the elite speak in reverse language. Her UN speech indicates just how much the Queen is a major force in implementing a future global tax. Dare we ask whose coffers will be lined with the new tax? Joan states: “When you study Agenda 21, it is basically a return of the earth to feudalism.” Prince Charles is the force behind it, hence why Mummy has never given up the throne so he can operate behind the scenes, unobserved. Feudalism has always been there, with the same family cast, they have merely changed the backdrops.

Major deceptions continue fooling us, the sheeple,luring us into submission in giving up our rights to health. As in the case of Lisa Blakemore-Brown p.14, we see the lengths that the elite and their cohorts are prepared to go in order to hide the deceit. It matters not to them how many lives are destroyed. The punishment they foist on those who dare to expose them is often so overwhelming it shatters peoples’ lives and in so doing whole families are destroyed. Often when challenged, the jesters retaliate with mockery, character assignation and if that doesn’t work they will commit the person to a psychiatric hospital where they will be detained, such as in the case of Anne Greig. Or, they will be arrested on trumped-up charges and jailed as they did to Anthony Hill, p.40 and Robert Green, p.47. There is always a pattern to the game plan of the elite, this can be seen globally. Look at your own town, your history books, local politics and investigate how your town is spending your money. It will soon become clear and over time more obvious, as a picture emerges. We can apply this same formula to the articles published, by or refuted by, the media – key players in maintaining the illusion of a false reality and therefore our limited consciousness. When we are faced with the truth of the nefarious activities such as paedophilia and satanic abuse practised by the elite, as described in Dr Joan Coleman’s article p.56, the masses cannot see it and are so often unwilling to accept it. This is a reality of our world, this is really happening and we must not turn the other way, it has no life of its own; we the sheeple allow it.

The Native Peoples of America were forced to recognise the truth. We can benefit from their wisdom. Just as their culture has been destroyed, so have others on a worldwide scale, including our own, it is the same pattern.

“Today, our young people have no knowledge of the treaties, the massacre of Wounded Knee, the struggle of Wounded Knee 2, or our history. These are the reasons our culture is dying. No one remembers the language, culture, virtues or spirituality. No one knows the real history.”

~ Wowitan Yuha Mani p.37

This speaks for the whole world, THIS IS THE REALITY

– THIS IS the meaning of the New World Order.

Our ancestors died for our constitution, our laws and customs, fighting the same cabal that rules our country and your country today.The sacrifice they made is being spat upon by those in power.

The Namaste Team

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