Vol.11 Issue 4

We began publishing Namaste Magazine twelve years ago, since then we have witnessed the rapid introduction of new laws pushed through by the present government in dictatorship style with the assistance of the Automatic Ascent introduced in 1911. This circumvented our ancient Constitution, made up of Magna Carta, The Land Settlement, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Rights. Constitutional constraints are being side-stepped, their legal validity is being denied by our present legal system and government.

Our Constitution has now been treasonably denied to the people of Britain. Common law gave us our civil liberties, human rights and freedom, these have been eroded to the extent that we are now living in an illusionary free society and in actuality it is fascist. Never since the Dark Ages has freedom in the world been so under threat. George Orwell would be astounded at the extent of surveillance today, especially in the UK – the most surveilled society in the world!

For many years we have been continually bombarded by the mainstream media with mantras of terrorism threats; problem – reaction – solution has been constantly used to enable the passing of new laws, further limiting our freedom. We in the West (especially Britain), have relinquished our personal freedoms in return for protection against so-called terrorism. How did we allow this to happen? By false flag operations such as 9/11 and London’s 7/7 attacks! Nick Kollestrom’s article “They Need you to FEAR,” explains how research has revealed a dark secret behind both 9/11 and 7/7 with training events taking place at the same time, this appears to be more than coincidental.

Thus government puppets have been keen to provide a public image of concern with the introduction of draconian security measures and controls which now include full-body scanners at airports. Described by some as licensed pornography machines. According to reports, scanners have harmful effects on DNA, research has shown that x-rays damage body cells. It would not be an exaggeration to accept that full-body scans affect the energy field of those who pass through them. A report published in the “Huffington Post, January 2010, said “Full-Body Scanner Fails to Detect Bomb Parts During demonstration (video) …”they’re not just a dumb idea, they don’t actually work.” What are they actually for?

Whilst the establishment diverts our attention with acts of terrorism, they have clearly failed miserably to protect children from the predatory behaviour of paedophiles within the establishment and church – those who hold positions of power and respected trust. Everything is the reverse of what it seems. There are brave souls prepared to write and speak about the evidence they have uncovered. As a result, there is well-documented information available on the Internet.

In this issue journalist Monica Davies unveils the illusions in the film Avata which does not portray the continual abuse of indigenous Peoples. In a real life scenario, Rev. Kevin Arnett suffered physical attacks, threats and was defrocked by the Anglican Church for exposing atrocities and genocide committed against the Native People of Canada. In 2009, Associated Press reported; “…from the 19th century until the 1970s, more than 150,000 Indian children in Canada were forced to attend state-funded Christian schools in an effort to assimilate them into Canadian society. Nearly three-quarters of the 130 schools were run by Catholic missionary congregations. The Canadian government has admitted that physical and sexual abuse was rampant in the schools, with students beaten for speaking their native languages.”

On March 20, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI made an unprecedented papal decree and apologised for sexual abuse of Irish children at the hands of Catholic priests, he also ordered a Vatican investigation into the Irish Church, but failed to mention any Vatican responsibility for the scandal cover-up. Not surprisingly, protection of the church seemed more important than that of its victims. Cardinal Ratzinger as he was then known, was for 24 years in charge of the Inquisition, now renamed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In 2001, the Guardian reported that Ratzinger sent a confidential letter to Bishops telling them to keep allegations of sexual abuse secret.

There has been a cover-up in the reported numbers of child sex abuse scandals perpetrated by those in positions of trust, one instance is Dunblane. Sandra Uttley, author of Dunblane Unburied, suffered severe intimidation, harassment and stalking after her book was published. Was Sandra attacked for telling the truth? As a result of Dunblane, our rights in the UK to bear arms (Bill of Rights 1689) was removed. Were Hungerford and Dunblane orchestrated to bring this about?

The files on Dunblane were sealed for 100 years – (Operation Ore), David Kelly 70 years, Madelaine McCann 30 years. Bow Street. One has to ask why? What are these people afraid of?

The Scottish mainstream media remained silent amid threats from Levy & McCrae, acting on behalf of the Lord Advocate of Scotland concerning the abuse of a Down’s Syndrome girl Hollie Greig. After the arrest of their journalist investigator friend, Robert Green, our colleagues at the UK Column were threatened against further publications about Hollie and her mother Anne. Attempts to suppress the Truth seem limitless. For further information on this story see http://paltelegraph.com/columnists/peter-eyre.

Since its inception, the Internet has become the last bastion of free speech. Serious attempts are afoot to curtail this! It is very likely that ‘truth tellers’ will soon be targeted when the Digital Economy Bill becomes law. This bill is being promoted by the twice disgraced, but now very powerful Peter Mandelson and is expected to be forced through the Commons without debate, it could also be used to censor our freedom of speech, in much the same way as terrorism laws have.

Common Law has been developed by the British people for more than a thousand years… it has taken just ten years for those in parliament to attempt to complete its destruction!

Nothing in this world is unconnected – there is a web of evil which has far reaching effects, and it is the recognition of patterns which gives clues to the seekers of Truth. The most unlikely events can often be connected. Perhaps the death of a princess in Paris had links to the discovery of this web and the dark forces in high places who were/are involved.

One of the most important realities of our time is that there is little difference between Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Fabianism, Socialism and what is now being sold to the people across the world, all of these systems are a single phenomenon. They are but variants of an ideology called Collectivism. This becomes crystal clear when one compares what is now unfolding in the United Sates, Britain and elsewhere with events that occurred in Nazi Germany. The parallels are chilling…

The Namaste Team

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