Vol.11 Issue 3

We apologize for this late issue, recent events have been against us

We begin the New Year, 2010 with the knowledge that our power as a nation, has been stolen. As the gates of the Lisbon Treaty clang shut, we view this treacherous event with the notion that we have been grossly deceived and believe we are helpless, when we are not! The United Kingdom still exists, no treaty can dissolve our historical constitution and thereby our power has passed down to us from our ancestors. The Fiscal Prerogative does not reside with government or monarchy, but the People.

We must ask why it is the Queen has acquiesced to the EU when she knows only too well that she made an oath in 1953 to the People of the these Isles to uphold our laws and customs in keeping with our constitution. As Fabian politicians laugh with glee over this illusory triumph, perhaps they should remember dictatorships can tumble into disarray, such as the Berlin wall, when the people woke up and took back control.

One person who woke up to the illusion of taxation in the USA, is Sherry Peel Jackson when she discovered there was no such law requiring people to pay taxation. Sherry is an example of someone who has taken the path of truth, rather than the easy option of keeping her head down, turning a blind eye and thus keeping her well paid job. She said “I had to decide whether I was going to be an informed slave or get off of the plantation.” We concur with Sherry when she says “At what point does fear turn into cowardice?” See page 8 for the story of this incredibly brave woman who is standing not just for herself but ALL people. We can all support her. We each can write letters lending our support and pressuring her Senator, Hank Johnson, to act to free her – let’s make our voices heard.

Two hundred years ago Thomas Paine died, the English visionary and founding father of America, fled from the tyranny which enslaved the people of these Isles. Yet, tyranny followed him wearing new garments. There he hoped to create a better life for all people. Paine was a man who clearly understood the workings of our controlled society. He chose courage over cowardice when he tried to expose the tenacious levers carefully concealed behind the props and pomp staged by church and state when he wrote his book The Rights of Man. Paine foresaw that separation of people from the land would introduce monetary economics and dependence upon landlords, this in our time has developed into big business cartels whose strangle-hold has reached all corners of the globe in various guises.
The key to a free and independent society is ownership of land. We revealed in our last issue that vast amounts of land fall into the ownership of a few. Yet, we in the UK and USA are not allowed to own the land our homes are built upon. The industrial revolution initiated vast changes to our world, over many generations. Changes which prepared the way for the New World Order. Absolutely none of the controls we have today could have taken place without driving people off the land. How ironic we are now being told global warming is caused by the very advancement that once herded society from the land to the factory. It has supposedly bought us, in the west, a better life whilst millions elsewhere live in poverty. This hypocritical, gargantuan agenda intends replacing the physical shackles with ones far more insidious – whilst telling us we are free.

Despite the revelations of the global warming deceit exposed by a computer hacker and the eventual admission by the press that the emails were genuine, the media later changed tactics using propaganda, promoting the Copenhagen summit. What is the agenda behind these lies? Lord Monckton gave a speech in Minnesota in October 2009 titled “Apocalypse No,” revealing the stark realities of the Copenhagen Treaty – a global government. What part does the Fabian Society play in the strategy of world events? Jon Christian, leaves us under no illusion of the intent to use sustainable development as the core issue to substantiate global warming, thus impose further restrictions – to be foisted upon us with increases in energy bills and soon a carbon footprint. Keep your eye on ‘sustainable development’ and its bishop, Prince Charles, who wants to be king of all religions. Would that be the New World religion? There are no restrictions in his illustrious lifestyle.

It is important that we do not allow ourselves to be mislead over vaccinations and pandemic viruses. The media is a well-oiled propaganda machine. If we all said NO, there is nothing they could do. In Bullet to the Head, Dr Sherrie Tenpenny gives an interesting and informative view of vaccines, This highlights a powerful scientific dictatorship, which herds people into questionable vaccination programmes. Again blinded by science, we aacquiesce in spite of the overwhelming evidence against them. Do the world controllers intend to quarantine those of us who refuse to accept the orders? If we were all like Sherry Jackson, there is NOT a thing they could do.

The film FEMA Camps provides reports of concentration camps that have been set up in the USA under the guise of humanitarian housing in a national crisis. However, the legislation lends itself to a darker strategy, which would imprison those who would defy new laws. CNN describes these reports as fictional. Interestingly, you may find there is one near you, masquerading as a food storage warehouse? Perhaps we should all take a closer look, these buildings are usually positioned near motorway junctions. Are there any new large, questionable, empty buildings near you?

Here in the UK, on the 1st January 2010, we will lose our freedom to choose the way we treat our various health aliments with a wide range of vitamins and herbs. Will our herbalists and naturopaths be kidnapped so they can no longer practice as has happened just recently to Greg Caton, a USA health researcher, who fled to Equador because of FDA persecution.

Margaret Mead shamefully upheld the judgement of the patriarchal churches as they destroyed whole generations of wise, knowledgeable women using the excuse that they were witches. This same woman was at the forefront of the global warming hoax. Once again a proclaimed academic expert lorded by the establishment to further the agenda. Mead said “A few good people can change the world.” In her case we can hardly apply the word good. Good people are locked up once they challenge the state, good people make a stand in order to make a difference so that others will be free. Sherry said “Where would we be today if those that have gone before us did not make a stand against repression.” Therefore how can we allow Sherry Jackson to stand alone? Ask your self: where is your line in the sand?

The Namaste Team

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