Vol.11 Issue 1

We thank our readers and contributors for their patience in waiting for this issue. We apologise for the delay, however it impossible to publish sooner, due to the illness of one of our team. Carl’s mother had been battling ill health all last year and it finally came to a head in October when she became very ill. Carl was propelled into more action in trying to bring her back to health as she was diagnosed with cancer. Despite all he knew and all he tried, he had to watch his mother die from this ravaging illness… she was amazingly strong right to the end. Our battle ended on the 26th December…. the funeral took place in mid-January. for Carl this was a very difficult time and we, his team, were there to love and support him during the days before and after the funeral. Maria was a strong, brave and vital woman filled with old-world wisdom and knowledge who was loved dearly by all and she is greatly missed. This is the concluding part of a tribute from a friend. …Maria was a beautiful woman and she lived a long, full and healthy life. Although her time with us on Earth has come to an end, her noble spirit and the seeds of knowledge she planted live on in her family and friends. I feel privileged to have known her, for she touched me deeply and inspired me with her profound and practical wisdom. Farewell Maria. May your spirit soar to ever-greater adventures and new heights of learning; I trust that in the journey of our souls, our paths will meet up somewhere along the lines of time and that I shall see you again. With love and gratitude for your friendship, your friend, Barbara Marciniak – USA.

Whilst there are people still here like Maria and Elisabeth Beckett see page 6, we have hope. The energy of the wise Crone has never been destroyed, despite the brutal efforts of Church and State. Both women died of cancer, but remained in control of their lives without the intervention of the cancer cartel and fought right to the end. Upon hearing that Elisabeth was gravely ill, Carl took a train in the early hours one cold morning in January, to see her, taking her important medicine which he was unable to give his mother. This medicine kept Elisabeth alive for a further three weeks, in which time, her determined and indomitable spirit was able to fire another shot across the bows of the establishment. Carl thanked her for all she had done for the people of this nation and she thanked him for putting her on the map. Sadly, she passed away in January. Elisabeth had a profound knowledge of the constitution and our ancient laws given to us by our ancestors to protect us from tyranny, these have been and are being destroyed using deceit and blatant lies under the guise of protecting us, this made her determined to make a stance for the truth. See our tribute page 6.

In the article TREASON NEVER PROSPERS… written by ex- Squadron Leader David Bourne, the reader is given a whole new perspective on treason and its insidious effect upon this country and its people. One major effect is the constant attempts by our government to enforce the medication of our drinking water supply with a poisonous substance known as fluoride, see page 13. Recently the people of Southampton voted with their Council against fluoridation only to be bulldozed and over-ridden by the Strategic Health Authority. An attempt to poison by stealth. Who will protect us as they try to enforce a part II poison into our water supplies, area by area? Our Sovereign, Elizabeth, has broken her Coronation Oath to protect our laws and customs when she gave her Royal Assent to the last legitimate Bill, the ECA72, from the two Houses of Parliament in 1972 when she surrendered the Sovereignty of the British People to the EU – a FACIEST STATE.

The control is so encompassing and ingeniously orchestrated, with precision, directed through the education system, entertainment industry, medical profession and other quasi EU bodies such as Common Purpose. Even Doctors (are unwittingly, due to their training)using manipulative language patterns and codes that are extremely powerful in shaping thoughts, beliefs and even vocabularies of people. These codes are not only in spoken language but when combined with images, are capable of reaching deep into the collective psyche. These stimulate the brain and block the mind. This is what digital TV is all about; it is certainly not for improved our benefit! Recently we saw an advert on the TV which stated “There is a new technology, you won’t know its there, its called High Definition TV” – the ‘programmer’ in the corner of the living room. Digital switch over has profound implications for the collective consciousness and liberty of the individual mind, contrary to the false mantra predictions of 2012 with raise in consciousness and thus a New World. This is another half-truth. We are certain it will herald the coming of the robotic mind and he potential to imprison and destroy the uniqueness of individual thought and creativity, with this a New World Order will come into being, this is its true meaning.

In the heartbreaking article by David Swallow, which shames the USA – whilst the world applauds the Washington messiah wearing a new mask, whilst the real owners of America, are committing suicide. The once proud Lakota Nation are impoverished, abandoned, their despairing children are now sliding into the Abyss, page 25.

All articles in Namaste express in different ways, the development and awareness of freedom of thought; this is encapsulated in the views of Tara, (whom we welcome back) who takes us beyond his-story. We have for sometime been reporting about the elite’s agenda, now revealing itself as they deliberately create chaos to bring about a new order. which has never been more evident. Joan Veon’s article states what appears to be inevitable “In order to bring in world government, it will have to be through crisis-continuing, constant crises”. This keeps us in a constant fight or flight mode triggering a stress hormone response, see page 38. Do we continue to turn our heads and look the other way, handing over our collective responsibility, believing in the powers that pretend that they have the answers and are caring for us? Nothing could be further from the truth. First we must collectively get up off our fat, lazy, complacent backsides and walk away from the programming which seduces us into slavery whilst we are given the illusion of freedom.

Danger looms ahead, as they continue to manipulate, massage the global economy and financial institutions into collapse. People will be encouraged to riot. Beware, it is a trap, don’t do it! This will play right into the hands of the world controllers; this is exactly what they want in order to bring about Marshall Law. Deluge your MP’s with letters of complaint, it is unacceptable to expect someone else to save us, we are the messiah, there is no one but us.
In the ancient mysteries, the crone walked unafraid into the darkness of death and emerged as the virgin who gave new life. Behave like slaves and yea shall be slaves. Maria and Elisabeth epitomised a fearlessness, an energy that never would give into intimidation nor oppression. When people say “What can I do?”, be like they were, be yourself.

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”. ~ George Orwell

The Namaste Team

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