Vol.10 Issue 4

As we enter another manufactured recession, we can guarantee that our self-indulgent rulers (MPs, Senators et al.), having voted away our freedoms to foreign powers (the EU and the North American Unification – NAU), will not suffer the same consequences as their citizens. What is left for us to look forward to? Fortunately now, more and more people are able to see the agenda, New World Order (NWO) is emerging fast and furiously as we move towards 2012.

Elizabeth Beckett provides us with the historical and political background in the article The loss and takeover of power from the people of Britain. Our constitution, treasonably subverted by our elected officials through gradualism and terrorism, and which they are continuing to use successfully to further remove constitutional rights both in the UK (and the USA). This method was used by Maximus Fabius (Roman General) against Hannibal. There is a new ‘Fabian plan’ to take away private ownership of property, by means of hiked up Council Taxes, and the use of the Liability Order which is not a debt, in order to bankrupt people.

Diana Holmes, author of Tears Behind Closed Doors, made a presentation last November 2007, in the House of Commons, to try to change the current management of hypothyroidism by the medical profession, since the misdiagnosis and mismanagement of hypothyroidism (DMH) continues to ruin the lives of millions of people world wide. This is a huge scandal on a global scale. More importantly, the effects of this are now plaguing each successive generation and helping to ensure a Lethargic and sick population.

In the riveting article extracted from the book The Dumbing Down of America, by Charlotte Iserbyt, a former Senior Policy Advisor in the US Department of Education, she describes how she was forced to resign after leaking an important document on a technology grant (computer assisted instruction proposal to the press). She reveals the techniques used by the ‘system’ for behavior modification and “…how the international, national, regional, state and local agendas for education reform are all interconnected and have been for decades.”

In the UK, we still have the class system and private education. Some readers will already be aware of how the mainstream education system has been infiltrated by this same insidious gradualism, cleverly introduced as an “improvement” in the education of children.

Those who have already recognised this recurring pattern, which has been developed and implemented over time, are rebuked if they mention a hint of conspiracy. In the article entitled The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy, the author Robert Shetterly says … “the cultural success of labelling investigative reporters, forensic historians, and simply anyone who tries to name realists as ‘conspiracy nuts’ is perhaps the most successful conspiracy of our time”. He also provides details and portraits of significant individuals who lived in America, told the truth, and for the most part paid with their lives. In the UK during our lifetime, we have witnessed the deaths of Dr. David Kelly and Princess Diana, also the discrediting and persecution of Dr Andrew Wakefield (MMR vaccine) amongst many others who blew the whistle.

Despite the immense risks taken by individuals to expose the truth, many selfless souls are prepared to speak their truth publicly. One such brave soul is the independent scientist Leuren Moret, who is exposing the truth about the continuing ecological contamination of Uranium throughout the Earth’s biosphere, which has now had an impact on every form of life. Leuren says: “Ionising radiation is different. There is no way to turn it off and no way to clean it up. It is the weapon that keeps giving and keeps killing. Fluoride, a powerful neurotoxin, is a by-product of the uranium enrichment process (depleted uranium), and has been dumped into our drinking water supplies. The adding of fertility control agents to the water supply is a real conspiracy and Asiatic dictators have used it for the same purpose. The Nazi’s also used fluoride to control the brains of those in the slave camps, as it lowers brain function and IQ.”

Doug Cross’s article The Mouse that Roared, further exposes the ‘Fluoride Cult’ activities within the UK, which are also in US, Canada and other former British Empire colonies, another example of chemical interference with an environmental impact, not to mention the multi-generational affects on DNA. The fluoride deception is being perpetrated by the NWO priest-hood through the Royal Society of London, under the pretence that it strengthens our teeth. However, thanks to dedicated individuals like Doug Cross, and others who exposed the deception, this led to the recent Isle of Man’s Parliament rejection of water fluoridation.

The ‘Fluoride Cult’ has also infiltrated governmental bodies in the USA. It is the same NWO science network that is connected to the City of London Bankers et al.

Animals are also being affected by the impact of environmental pollution, which includes mobile phone masts, and is causing alterations to the brain waves of birds. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho’s article shows that sparrows in the UK are disappearing, even abandoning their nests as nesting pairs fight. Psychological programmes are affecting humans, as we are corralled and encouraged to spend our time worrying over material things, hence the orchestrated recession, which keeps the population in a state of anxiety while the elite cream off the profits. The world controllers never lose! The programme of divide and rule (the basis of it all), is firmly in place: we argue over intellectual, political and religious dogmas – our ‘belief system’ is formed at a very early age through the ‘education system.’ Patrick Mooney in his article Holy Hypocrisy states, “It is not the aim of this editorial to catalogue all the lies found in each particular religion. That task is too numerous for one man alone. Lucky for us, dedicated persons have already done the legwork in this area. What is left for us to do is to summon our courage and face the truth.”
This hypocrisy we uphold, by our cowardice, ignorance, and slavish adherence to the programme of our Masters, who have a vested interest in keeping us subservient. The Holy Roman Empire never disintegrated as iterated by “his-story”, it reincarnates, it is still here, they walk among us but with a change of scenery. The resurrection of Charlemagne’s Holy Roman Empire of Europe marches forth with the formation of the EU (E-UR-O, city in Babylon). The Lisbon Treaty is a vital step in this sequence, paving the way for the destruction of individual and national sovereignty on a global scale, birthing the NWO’s vision of ‘the rise of the phoenix’ once again, from the ashes.

David Bourne, patriot and scholar of the British Constitution, states in his article (see next issue Namaste Vol.11 Issue 1), “Who, then, can gainsay my contention and conclusion that our “Queen” has been constitutionally dead since she gave the Royal Assent to the last legitimate Bill, the ECA72, from the two Houses of Parliament in 1972 when she surrendered the Sovereignty of the British People to the EU; and that our Constitutional Monarchy has been destroyed? Treason has been done; continues to be done; and is planned to continue to be done…”

“ …..the people must be led slowly and unconsciously, with each step being disguised as having an economic advantage towards the Federal Superstate until it is irreversible.”

~ Jean Monnet 1952

The Namaste Team

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