Vol.10 Issue 3

At present the world is gripped in a gold rush as unknown speculators drive up the price. For whose benefit? Interestingly ex-chancellor Grim Gordon sold off half our gold reserve at a bargain basement price (see quote below).
“Gordon Brown’s sale of 395 tonnes of our gold in 17 auctions between July 1999 and March 2002. The average price achieved in those disposals was $275.6. Gold has since risen in value by 256% – a rate of return which would bring pride to even the cockiest of hedge-fund superstars. Or to put it another way, 395 tonnes of gold from our official reserves that was sold for $3.5bn would now be worth $12.5bn.”

http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/robertpeston/2008/03/gold_and_gordon_brown.html Who bought it and why?
This is not the only gold rush. As we write today, our MPs in the UK continue to dip their snouts into our money. They are allowed to claim expenses of up to £10,000 for a kitchen, £2,000 for furniture and £750 for a TV or stereo for their second homes. Other claims allowable include £6,335 for a new bathroom, £299.99 for air conditioning units, £300 per rug, £50 for a shredder and £1,000 for a bed. This does not include all the other allowances and a fat-index linked pension – a stark contrast to the meagre one off single payment of £50 to Britain’s pensioners to help pay the artificially inflated fuel bills. We urge readers to complain, complain and complain again and to watch the film Common Purpose by Brian Gerrish (see previous Vol.10 – Issues 1 and 2). MP’s are supposed to represent the people, not rob us. There are 200 MPs in parliament who are members of the Fabian society and Tony Blair was head of the Fabians, before he became leader of the Labour party. The Fabian global agenda will be described in our next Issue 4.

Everyone should be in uproar at the waste of precious funds that could be used for the most vulnerable sector of our community, the elderly. Another outrageous legalised scam is forced on the British people to accept the supposed benefits of nursing homes resulting in the theft of their hard-earned property. We are led to believe that we are all living longer and healthier, yet hospitals are getting bigger, evidence of an ailing population and extension of the depopulation by the medicine agenda as described by Dee Nicholson in her article of the same title. “Not only are they culling the ‘herd’ mercilessly with increasingly toxic food, water, air and medicine, they are deliberately using pharmaceutical medicines to make us sick, so as to make more money out of ‘treating’ our illnesses before we succumb, while actively suppressing real, proven natural cures.”

We are told that our medical records including very personal information has to go on a central computer for our benefit in order to receive right treatment… another control scam. Helen Wright, in her article the Big Opt Out, warns our readers of the perils of this illusionary piece of government manipulation and provides information on what you can do to stop this with the professional campaign she has started. We urge readers to support her.
Since our last issue we have seen yet again turbulence in the financial market resulting, in the UK, of the nationalisation of Northern Rock. Mystery surrounds the problems of this once excellent bank and the files have been excluded from Freedom of Information. One must ask why?

In Ellen Brown’s article Financial Meltdown: The End of a 300 Year Ponzi Scheme, she exposes the system of money. Her book, Web of Debt ‘unravels the deceptions in our money scheme and presents a crystal clear picture of the financial abyss towards which we are heading.’

The result of the planned collapse by the money-changers, is now evident, as we have seen in the USA, in the collapse of the subprime mortgages and the hidden aftermath detailed by Monica Davis in her article Foreclosure, Fraud and Third World Living in the United States. As usual, this method targets the most vulnerable members of society. In the States this has masked the convenient sequestering of land in the south, as people left their land, being seduced by the promise of work in the city and the dream of owning their own a home. This is a replica of the Industrial Revolution and the Land Clearances, which were laid very slowly in the 1750’s in the UK and shortly after that, the modern monetary system – the Bank of England, the Royal Society, the founding of the USA and the elevation of Masonic Lodges into the financial systems of the world.

Events are planned ahead and carefully orchestrated to cause confusion and chaos amongst the population, in order that draconian changes can be slipped in. If one takes an overview, one sees an emerging pattern in multiples of 50 years or jubilees; these fit into a larger time frame of 6,000 years, hence the millennium.

Emerging patterns are always masked by conveniently engineered chaos by the dominant nations. We saw the first plague of the new millennium in the great slaughter of cattle and sheep in the UK, followed six months later with 9/11 that gave warlords like Bush and Blair the opportunity to invade Iraq. Or should we say Babylon?

We see the same pattern (programme) of confusion that has developed in education in the UK and other countries as goal posts and objectives are constantly shifted. Children in the UK are now being denied the school of their choice. In the USA there is an attempt to make home schooling illegal. How long before we in the UK follow? In another well-researched article Kate Merit questions What is Happening to our Schools? She points out the agenda is to universalise the social structure of our children in a planned social engineering programme. As always we are told this is for our benefit.

These patterns are happening in the USA reflecting constantly the UK and vice versa. This is described in Debbie Lewis’s article Washington You Are Fired, the new film by William Lewis, which bravely brings to the viewers’ attention a clarion call to all of us to get involved to prevent tyranny. One person who is involved is Elizabeth Beckett, sallying forth with flags flying, a modern Boadicea in her wheelchair/chariot, in defence of our ancient constitution. As in the USA the protection of our Bill of Rights is being denied to the people of this realm. Yet, in March, the Speaker of the House of Commons applied to the High Court to use the Bill of Rights to protect MPs, the same statute claimed by Parliament and the judiciary as having no weight! As Elizabeth points out, this action clearly throws into question the government’s tyrannical ability to depose or oppose all legal statutes in taking sovereignty from the people which is part of the Fabian strategy to create an Orwellian society, now birthing before our eyes. Will the people take up this most urgent clarion call in both our nations before it’s too late? We must never forget that the indomitable human spirit which is displayed in adversity in the defence of truth and freedom will never be suppressed.

The Namaste Team

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