Vol.10 Issue 2

The season of madness is nearly upon us and we don’t just mean Christmas. Life seems to resemble the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, as politicians blunder yet again, from crisis to crisis. Surely there can be no one left, naive enough to believe any of the lies and promises held out to us like carrots.

On 26th November, Gordon Brown gave a speech to the CBI; we were utterly amazed at how many references he made to the “New World/Global Order” (N.W.O.). We have never heard so many references made before to the N.O.W. Within one speech, there were 7 – a very interesting number. Let’s take a look at the first one: “…the new global order brings new uncertainties and new insecurities too – most recently in the form of financial turbulence and credit problems whose origins are clearly international but whose full implications are still unfolding….”

This implies to us that the N.W.O has planned a financial melt down in order to collapse the existing system to bring forth the New Global civilisation, which is still unfolding, as seen in China. We believe that 2012 is not, as the New Age states, a raising of consciousness, but on the contrary, the removal of consciousness, hence the introduction of digital TV.

Meanwhile, virtuous Blair sheds his Napoleon role for the more elevated one of Messiah of Europe. What next, the Holy Roman Emperor of Europe (N.W.O)? He may then preside over the rebirth of the Annunaki kingdom of E-UR- (O); Babylon revisited, as written in ‘their book’ of Revelation. As Babylon (Iraq) sinks into the dust, hastened by the war, we witness the rebirth from the ashes of the eagle of Babylon (N.W.O). The bloodlines of the Illuminati, (the elite) can be traced back to there before moving on to Rome and then to the British Isles.

This brings our journey to Scotland. In this issue Tara has reviewed the book Dunblane Unburied, by Sandra Uttley. This truly shocking book exposes evidence which points to a powerful corrupt body moving within the corridors of the British judicial system, and the horrifying fact that this force of elite paedophiles in our midst, could so easily, over a period of at least 20 years, subvert justice and escape exposure and punishment. And, this is only the tip of the iceberg: Was there really only one assassin?

This one event alone strongly indicates that our judicial system is corrupt and does not embody our ancient Common Laws as given, and fought for, by our ancestors in Magna Carta, The Bill of Rights, Declaration of Rights and The Land Settlement…OUR CONSTITUTION. What is so unique about the British Constitution, containing as it does within its statutes, laws to protect the freedoms and birthrights of all people, is that its key elements date back far beyond its Christian concepts, some of which have distorted the truth of a more profound and ancient esoteric knowledge, our true heritage that goes beyond ALL religion. These eternal values were never religions but are indicators of our true genesis, beings of justice and compassion – our natural human traits. The Constitution is still law today and the propaganda that we DO NOT HAVE A CONSTITUTION is FALSE and has IMMENSE implications for our freedom!

Under the influence of puppets George Bush and Tony Blair, using the excuse of terrorism and the vilifying of Islam, we are witnessing the continuous erosion of our civil liberties at an alarming pace. Thirty-seven years ago, another smiling Prime Minister, Edward Heath, like Blair, had genocidal friends. Like Blair, he danced to the tune of his puppet masters, and also took us into war. Heath duped the British people in 1972 into voting for the entry into the so-called Common Market (a trade agreement we were told), later to become the EU – a WOLF in SHEEP’S clothing, now emerging as the EU (N.W.O). In this issue (page 31) you will read how Heath and his friends schemed to subvert and destroy the British Constitution, carrying on the legacy of another well-known puppet, Adolph Hitler, who was financed by the Bank of England. The agenda continues:

In the USA we see the emergence of the Amero currency designed to replace the Dollar (once they have caused its collapse of course). In 2005, unannounced to the American people, an arrangement was made to create a North American Treaty to unify America, Canada and Mexico. This will be called the North American Union – a replica of the EU- erasing all borders. There are further plans to do this with Africa and Asia! The USA is undergoing almost identical problems as the UK (page 14, a must read!). In Redefining American Privacy, Debbie Lewis reveals the terrifying plans to further control its citizens “..The USA PATRIOT Act seems less of a tool to fight terrorism, and more of an instrument to monitor and track and intimidate everyday, law-abiding citizens in this country.”

As one joins the dots a picture emerges of a “New World Reformed Order,” (as termed by Bush, Blair, Brown et al). Trained eyes can discern clear patterns in the gradual process of the undermining of the very fabric of our society taking place in plain site, using a Gestapo-type of organisation, this time without a uniform? Cicero, described this evil force so chillingly accurately: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within…” This organisation/energy creates new and encroaching regulations which are designed to stifle creativity, cause confusion, chaos, and inevitable break-up of infra-structures and destroys the very heart and soul of society itself, bringing eventual hardship and death to the masses. This organisation calls itself by a seemingly benign name, Common Purpose. As such it misleads and entraps the woefully dumbed down, misinformed and unsuspecting public. It is operating in all Commonwealth Countries including the USA.

(Unmasking Common Purpose, page 36). Do your own research, you will be alarmed by the evidence. See if it is operating in your town/city/country.

Is the recent influx of permitted immigration into the UK, other western European countries and the USA a deliberate element of this organisation? We see a heavy burden now placed in the UK upon schools, hospitals and the welfare system that may result in a complete collapse of those services in some areas, and the gradual erosion of the traditional British way of life. TECHNOLOGIES OF THE GODS – as our technological knowledge advances, we now see Science Fiction becoming science fact (Did Adam Have Three Parents? page 24). However, our wisdom has not kept abreast with this ‘new’ technology. Over thirty years ago, Zecharia Sitchin was a lone voice in the wilderness, now many of his theories are becoming acceptable. How long before we realise they are actually facts. All of the so-called ‘new science’ is actually ‘old science’, first used by the Annunaki gods, to create Adam and Eve in ancient Babylon. Is this a further indication of the remergence of a New Babylon?

In this issue there are three critically important articles concerning our Constitution, and the deliberate efforts of at least ‘7’ Prime Ministers to erode it. You will have read about Elizabeth Beckett in our last issue, and her story continues in this issue, as she takes on the might of the British judicial system, in order to prevent the dismantling of our Constitution which will lead to the destruction of Britain, America and eventually the world as we know it. Elizabeth has now issued an injunction against Brown to prevent his taking us further in to EUROPE, E-U-R(O).

The last thing the world controllers want is a conscious, informed public, capable of critical thinking which is why the constant distortion of truth via religion, the mass media and the educational system, seeks to keep the masses distracted and naïve.

We urge all our readers to support Elizabeth, Albert Burgess and Brian Gerrish and Teams throughout the country, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

The Namaste Team

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