Vol.10 Issue 1

We begin this issue with the article Happiness is Dissent – the truth of looking after Number 1 by David Edwards, author of Free to be Human. David points out that we have been deceived and manipulated into the gratification of the self at the expense of the wider community needs.

This has in fact, moved us further away from our tribal inheritance and the importance of our connection to the land. Hence, the land clearances orchestrated to ensure the birthing of the industrial revolution – essential to an agenda for total human enslavement and control through technology and money. This is very significant in view of our increasing mechanical lifestyle and the profile that has emerged of the solitary individual, including children, whose companions are the TV, computer, mobile phone and other machines – – NOT human beings. This is an elevation of the self which has nothing to do with human relationships, which were the extended family/tribe who did spend time together in conversation, listening to the stories and wisdom of the elders. What have we lost?! Who has persuaded us to discard the treasure of human companionship and choose the sterile company of the machine? In so doing we have lost our creative power of thought and with it our ability to question.

How convenient then at a time in our so-called history when money is more plentiful and our standard of living appears to be improved – we have more doctors, health programmes and clubs, yet humans are ravaged by more disease than ever before and there are more chronic illnesses than ever before. Many are now asking why? One answer is offered by Brent Hoadley in his article, “Too Profitable to Cure.” Need we say any more?

We are trapped in a series of systems extending through every facet of modern life. Another victim of one of these insidious systems is Diane Fleming, wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment, a story that is continued in this issue. Here we are looking again at the miscarriage of justice based upon flawed evidence. This is a world-wide phenomenon of synthetic fibres that have been carefully woven into our modern lives forming new and subversive patterns of deception by the world controllers, trapping whole populations in webs of deceit. This is portrayed in the controversial newly released film 911 Ripple Effect with new information and analysis of the biggest illusion of modern times.

Another great illusion is the one masking the danger faced by the Constitutions of the British and American people which puts our inalienable rights and liberty in peril. We, in the UK, have been taught that we have no Constitution. This is false! The freedoms of the British people are confirmed in the Charter of Liberties, Westminster Council, Magna Carta, Petition of Rights, Declaration and Bill of Rights, Coronation Oath, Act of Settlement, Treaties and Acts of Union, and Common Law. These charters, covenants and laws affirm freedom, establish just law, independent judges and juries, and representative government and form the body of the British Constitution.

The British Constitution is based on ancient principles. No democracy can function without the legal restraints of a Constitution to control the power given to the people in government. In ancient Greece the slaves did not have a vote.

No bill can be valid unless it has approval of the Lords and Parliament with royal assent.
In 1910 Asquith and his Fabian government decided to put a bill forward to restrict the Lords. In this he succeeded in 1911. The result of what he did is the Fiscal Prerogative which gave whichever party had the majority the right to tax and control the money supply against the Petition of Right of 1627 and the concept of no taxation without representation, going against the principles of the Prerogative. In fact it was treason under the 1848 Treason and Tyranny Act. The Civil Contingencies Act, the Constitutional Reform Act of 2005 are both against the Prerogative and Treason Act. Interestingly Hitler brought in a similar empowerment bill in 1933 with the intention of removing the Constitution and Parliament! We will deal more with the Constitution in our next issue.

There are brave souls like Mrs Elizabeth Beckett aged 83, the daughter of a High Court Judge who has studied our ancient Common Law and Constitution which still exists in spite of the successful efforts to conceal it. It can be proven that our joining the EU is completely illegal and against our Constitution. Elizabeth has launched four legal cases against the government citing erosion of the Constitution, Breach of Contract, Breach of Trust and for Treason and Legal Fraud. (See page 38). Similarly in the USA, where their inalienable rights are being threatened by a similar violation, We the People Foundation has petitioned their American Government to hold them accountable to their Constitution.

We have entered a brave new world where even the right to think and question his-story is threatened. “Governments do not like historians and they like those of us who write real history even less. They prefer the kind of writer they can buy with money, or bribe with knighthoods and peerages.” David Irving. The truth of which is all too evident in “Blair’s – Tony’s cronies, cash for peerages” Today, 20th July we have been informed, surprise! surprise! that the Crown Prosecution have found no evidence! We are obviously expected, after nearly one million pounds has been expended on this case, to believe in the innocence of those accused.

We do need at this perilous time to have absolute faith that the wisdom and common sense of ordinary people, founded upon the old tribal laws of caring for the community at large, will awaken and once more carry humanity forward out of the clutches of a Common Purpose (see page 46), founded upon evil and filled with contempt, whose true aims and objectives are based upon a cult programming to further an agenda that is marching us forth blindly towards a EU police state – One World Order.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.
But it cannot survive treason from within…”

~ Cicero Marcus Tullius~
Born January 3, 106 BC and murdered December 7, 43 BC.

The Namaste Team

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