UK – Royal Charter to Regulate the Press has Byepassed Parliament!!


The UK Government in its rush to use a Royal Charter has again completely disregarded our Constitutional laws. The Queen, if she is still sovereign, has the power to now step in and prorogue  parliament, this power was given to her in the Coronation ceremony in 1953. Elected by the People in Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth Windsor held the bible in her right had and swore an oath to protect our laws and customs. However, we are no longer a sovereign People, therefore the Monarch is but a titular head of state and no longer sovereign head of state, our sovereignty having been surrendered in an act of capitulation to the EEC now the EU.  Tyranny now reigns supreme in the corridors of power and the people no longer have the protection of the Monarch.

The Queen having signed away the sovereignty of the British People in 1972, then with 5 further treaties leaving the people open to tyrannical powers. We are now witnessing the emergence of fascism with the subversion of our Parliament enabling controversial plans to impose a Royal Charter on the Press, this is in complete violation and obfuscation of our ancient laws, thus driving the final nail into the coffin of a once free press. This leaves the British People in VERY grave and imminent danger amidst an ever creeping Soviet repressive state of Europe.


Privy Council must not be above the law

Daily Mail Comment,
On Wednesday, barring an unforeseen development, the here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians who make up that secretive, medieval institution the Privy Council intend to rubber-stamp a Royal Charter that could bring to an end three centuries of Press freedom in this country…
Indeed, in an impassioned letter to the Queen this week, seven of the world’s leading press freedom organisations said the proposed ‘repressive statutory controls’ would be ‘seized on’ by tyrants from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe to justify crushing free speech in their own countries…

The Privy Council has a choice on Wednesday: it can explore an alternative to the politicians’ unwanted charter – or it can bring shame on a country fiercely proud of being the home of freedom of expression.”


Peers: We didn’t get a say on Press curbs

 by Jason Groves, Daily Mail,

Controversial plans to impose a Royal Charter on the Press next week are ‘inconsistent with our democratic traditions’, senior peers warned last night.

Lord Inglewood, chairman of the House of Lords communications committee, said Parliament had been ‘bypassed’ by the Government in its rush to use a Royal Charter to regulate the Press.

The former Tory culture minister said his committee was alarmed that peers have not been given the chance to consider the proposals which would set up a new regulatory framework for the Press in the wake of the Leveson inquiry.

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