UK: How Can a Corrupt Council be a Fair Council?

The story of abuse of an old lady

UPDATE – 4th November 2013


Some interesting news.


David Cameron is linked with “Common Purpose” and accidentally forgot to declare this for years. I see.


This article explains what “Common Purpose” is about:


Lord Maginnis placed Grandma B’s file on David Cameron’s desk years ago asking for action. Nothing happened.


As we know from our research, Kersten England, chief executive of the City of York Council (CYC) is a Common Purpose “graduate”. Do see the article below.


And we have also established that CYC funds Common Purpose events with taxpayers money, which may well be an unlawful use of the public purse.


We have also established that a number of senior managers of York Social Services are Common Purpose “graduates”. Do see:


Finally, we also know that Robert Hofschröer’s friend Ruth Redfern is a Common Purpose “graduate”. She has a close relationship with Kersten England.

It does look like Common Purpose is behind this abuse and crime.

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