Trance-Formation (Full Film)

 This is a must see film, please pass on.

Your government is lieing to you.

Our schools are becoming police states.

After viewing this film we can completely understand why we are being showered with  chemtrails containing nano-fabrication, enforced vaccines and forced fed with GMO foods – we are being ‘transformed.’ We have long realised that 2012 is not going to create a raise in conciousness, it is the dumbing down of conciousness as we know it. We have been told we are entering what has been referred to as the “New Age of Man” – this is biotec conciousness, we are being merged into machine people. Sounds insane? Yes it is and, it is taking place without you knowing! The plan of the world elite is almost complete, this is ‘VERY serious.’

Thanks to Max Igan for granting permission to upload as a full film


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