This Is What A Police State Looks Like

History teaches us this is what happens when nations lose their constitutions and dictatorships form. I am not familiar with this case below  – someone probably got caught doing 32 in a 30 zone or some other equally serious “crime!”
Controlled media, secret Courts, secret arrests (yes, they too are already here and being used in Britain), out of control government, Police failing to recognise our constitution and working with private forces like G4S and Serco for the hidden elites, traitorous parliaments and a monarch who doesn’t give a castlemain 4x about her oath to protect all of us, new legislation to give courts the ability to rapidly process the masses through the night only leads to complete loss of freedoms and downright tyranny.

Not surprisingly, the gutter press around the globe have already hung drawn and quartered the “alleged” Boston marathon bombers before there has even been a trial in a court of law by a jury, which now seems a thing of the past, with politicians saying terrorists have no rights to a defence! (from what I have seen it looks as though they were actually set up).  2/3rds of the inmates in Guantanamo bay are on hunger strike as most have never even been convicted of a crime! If that isnt a Gulag then what is? How long before those gulags and camps become the norm here?

Many of us who will never conform are probably already called “domestic extremists” and are perhaps just one step away from being branded a terrorist and will have the below to contend with at some point in the future.

Mike Clayton


This Is What A Police State Looks Like

by Tom Joad


Police State













Senator Lindsey Graham is victorious. He says suspected terrorists don’t deserve to be protected by the Fifth Amendment.

If we are to use what happened in Watertown as an example, innocent Americans no longer deserve the protection once afforded by the Fourth Amendment, either.

All it takes is a teenager the government says is a terrorist for you to lose your god-given natural rights. If the government says there’s a terrorist in your neighborhood – or on the loose in your city – it can deny the freedom to travel (travel is now, like it was in the Soviet Union, a privilege granted by the state). It can shut off all commerce and force business to incur losses in the millions of dollars. It can deny access to hospitals and food.


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