The Stuart Hazell Set Up

By Sandra Barr

On Friday 3 August, 12 year old Tia Sharp disappeared in New Adding South London.



 ON Friday August 10 it was announced that a body, presummed to be Tia’s was found at the home of her Grandmother, and her partner Stuart Hazell. At this stage is it too early to do any kind of full analyses of this case, firstly it would be insensitive given that a young girl has been murdered, and secondly we only have what the press is telling us to try and work it out.


Given that they serve the system, and print what they are told, they are hardly a reliable source.

From the get go they work towards manipulating the public into believing what they want them to believe, and from the get go in this case, it was very evident that Stuart Hazell was being set up.

Daily they planted seeds about his past and apparent inconsistencies in his evidence, trial by the great British public then began with all fingers pointing at him before a body was even found.



We all make them, and the MS press are expert are pushing our “judgemental” buttons. Daily they feed us front pages of near perfect looking airbrushed people, then something like this hits the front pages and we see regular people, no airbrushing, no £10,000 smiles, no botoxed flawless complexion, it is not what we are used to seeing on the front page, and we make assumptions…and judgements.

From day one near every press report reiterated daily, that Stuart had a relationship with Tia’s Mum Natalie, and then ended up with her Mum Christine.

Firstly we do not know if this is true, and it sounds to me like gossip, but if it is true, I think it is worth pointing out, Christine is 46, Natalie 31, which means that Christine was only 15 when Natalie was born, I personally know people who had children very young, and they end up more like sisters than Mother and daughter. Stuart is 37 which is mid way between the two ladies ages, so no big age gap between either him or Christine or Natalie. The press have of course reported this as if it was the crime of the century, and used it to try and influence all our perceptions of this family.

Right after Tia went missing; her bedroom at her Gran and Stuart’s home was searched, as is customary in a missing child investigation. That was on Friday 3rd August. No body, and nothing untoward was found.


In the early hours of Sunday 5th August a full search of the house was conducted by a forensics team. Bare in mind this is a 3 bedroom terraced property, there would not be many places you could hide a body. Forensic officers are highly trained individuals, and for a team of them not to be able to locate a body in a small terraced house beggar’s belief!


“Yesterday, the Met’s South East London Area Commander Neil Basu apologised to Tia’s family, saying the search should have been more thorough. In a statement, he said: ‘The second visit was a full search of the property with the consent of the occupiers. ‘This was conducted on August 5 over a period of two hours. All parts of the premises were searched, including the location where a body was discovered, five days later, on Friday, August 10.”  Source, Mail on Line


There are only two possible explanations for no body being found at this stage.

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