The Price of Justice is Eternal Publicity

The internet needs to take heed from todays events in the UK and make a stance for TRUTH. United we stand, divided we the People fall.

The fear tactics used against the people, as in the McAlpine case and with the assistance of the mainstream media using the fear tactic, silencing many who tried to speak out in support of the abused, who then fell for his demands. Now the rest of the hoax mob in Scotland, who also betrayed Robert Green, have attempted to force a takedown notice against website using intimidation, false accusations andwhile refusing to release the identity of the complainant or relevant authority, alleging the site had listed names of individuals in Scotland, this is not true.  The HDJ site has NOT and will NOT capitulate to intimidation and manipulation and is back up and running, with the heartfelt thanks to all its supporters.


He who pays the piper calls the tune
– but who is ‘he’?





Aristotle once said…

The Price of Justice is Eternal Publicity

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An attempt has been made today 1st May to gag Anne and Hollie’s site through an unnamed sinister source (who refused to release their name/s).

Like ALL cowards they hide behind the ‘veil of secrecy’ and Data Protection Act and their very influential backers. However despite their dubious efforts they have failed to staunch the voice of TRUTH.

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