The Powerful Influence of Levy & McRae

We refer to The Drum’s article of the 19 February 2013. “Questions asked of Alex Salmond lawyer Peter Watson of Levy & McRae over Leveson role.”

This confirms the over-riding and powerful influence of Levy & McRae’s control over Scotland’s media which extends to the Press Complaints Commission where Peter Watson sits on the advisory panel, further he is the legal advisor for The Scottish Herald.

Such influence and protection was recently observed when The Herald published a fictitiously biased article lacking in reality to acknowledged facts: “One devastating fantasy: the impact of an internet scandal,” in 2012.  Is it therefore not surprising that the Press Complaints Commission refuted the complaints submitted against the Herald’s incredulous and unprofessional reporting, more commonly seen in days of the Soviet Union where the denigrating of those who were a threat to corruption of power, were frequently attacked.

No, it is not surprising since the so-called investigative reporter David Leask of the Herald worked in the Soviet Union for a number of years, perhaps acquiring the necessary skills for the new order of oppression of the truth now being rolled out by the press in Britain.

The Drum makes the following reference to Levy and McRae’s vice like grip over the media:

“As a result a perceived conflict of interest The Herald reviewed its relationship with the firm, but reappointed it when new safeguards were put in place. It demonstrates that the firm commands considerable loyalty amongst clients.”

A credo once published on the Levy & McRae website gives an insight into why this is perhaps the case:

“With a low profile we aim to keep clients off the front page and take swift and effective action where required. Being networked at the highest levels and having access to major decision makers is key to our success….”

“Peter Watson had not responded to The Drum’s request for comment at the time of

writing.” ~ The Drum re article above of the 19 February 2013.

Is this how the truth of Anne Greig’s story is being kept out of the media?

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