The Leftie plotters with one Common Purpose… to Gag the Press

Sir David Bell … co-founder of Common Purpose and ex-chairman of Media Standards Trust


(UK) The Sun newspaper article By TOM WELLS, Home Affairs Correspondent, and RHODRI PHILLIPS Published: 17th November 2012, reported with the above headline and following subheadline:

“Jimmy Savile scandal opens up a can of worms for Leveson.”



  How MANY years has it taken for the mainstream media to finally publish an article such as this, revealing the GLOBAL secret agenda of “Common Purpose”?  The Alternative Press and internet sites however have been exposing Common Purpose for a number of years, thanks to the research of Mr Brian Gerrish a former Naval Commander and Editor of the UK Column. Gerrish, diligent in his research and presentations of the cult CP,  unravelled the insidious and nefarious activities of this secret organisation headed by David Bell and his side kick Julia Middleton. Common Purpose International is being used to implement the European Union / New World Order communitarian agenda in the UK and globally. The cult sent in its henchmen and women to infiltrate, undermine and destroy every sector of our govermental agencies/departments, our culture and indeed everything that was once British. 


Rumour has it that journalists working for the Bureau of Investigative Journalisiam (BIJ), were deliberately setup to fail for doing their job too well!




 Above CP Map -image,  source:

 Obama mentioned “Common Purpose in his first inaugural speech 4 years ago as did Clegg and Cameron at the inception of the coalition coming into office. 
USA Common Purpose Project Washington DC uniting top left-leaning Obama officials

Many individuals and companies are linlked to and use Common Purpose, such as:

The late Anita Roddick was chair of Common Purpose International , her husband Gordon Roddick was the founder of 38 Degrees which supported the Hacked Off Campaign that led to the Leveson inquiry.  38 Degrees along with network petitions, claimed victory for the campaign.


Janet Paraskeva was appointed to reform the Law Society of England/Wales as its Cheif Executive, reform the Child Support Agency,  as worked with Child Line, Ofsted, British Youth Council and the Youth Justice Board.  She created the European Confederation of Youth Organisations, served as Justice of the Peace, School Governor, Non-Executive Director of Fosse Community Health Trust, ran the England office for the National Lottery Charities Board. At present she serves as Chair of the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission. A member of the Privy Council. On 5 September 2005, she was appointed to the board of Britain’s Serious Organised Crime Agency. How has one woman managed to command so much influence over so many organistions? Does Common Purpose offer such influential training and networking? Is it a secret? Misuse of NLP perhaps?


Sharmishta Chakrabarti, head of Liberty and speaker at Common Purpose Master Class.



Deutsche Bank.
More here:  CP Exposed

Other mind training methods used in a similar way to Common Purpose:
Equality and Diversity
Life Coaching 
Misuse of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Misuse of NLP


The Common Purpose is SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPEMENT, AGENDA 21 in progress globally.
“I am optimistic about Rio+20, which will give new impetus to future leaders and will renew the agenda for sustainability for the coming decades. From my perspective, there are two key issues for a future leaders in the field of sustainable development.”
~ Mariano Spitale, sustainability manager, PricewaterhouseCooper.  (What)?


The late great Joan Veon was the first person to uncover and expose Public Private Partnership – Sustainable Developement:
Sutainable Devleopment, Agenda 21 and Prince Charles

Public Private Partnerships by Joan Veon

Power, Strategy and Players of World Government by Joan Veon


The Sun’s article  continues:

” A SHADOWY left-wing lobby group was last night accused of influencing the Leveson Inquiry — and threatening Press freedom.”


The secretive Common Purpose network was founded by Sir David Bell, one of Lord Justice Leveson’s six key advisers probing press standards. 


Its tentacles spread from police forces to government departments, an investigation by the Daily Mail has revealed.


Taxpayer-funded bodies pay up to £5,000 a week to send their employees on Common Purpose’s “leadership” courses.


But critics say Common Purpose is more like a secret society, using its 35,000 “graduates” to shape policy through the back door.

 In another twist, it emerged that Sir David, 66, and Common Purpose chief Julia Middleton are also co-founders of the Media Standards Trust — a campaign group desperate to muzzle Britain’s free Press and which created the celebrity-led pressure group Hacked Off.


He is also a trustee of the disgraced Bureau of Investigative Journalism — whose report led to Tory peer Lord McAlpine being falsely smeared as a paedophile.

That came in the wake of the scandal over BBC Newsnight’s failure to expose paedophile DJ Jimmy Savile.


Newsnight over-reacted to criticism by airing the baseless story from the BIJ.


The influence of Common Purpose across Westminster and public life is huge.


In just five years, the Department of Work and Pensions spent £240,000 on courses, while the cash-strapped Ministry of Defence forked out more than £300,000.


Under ex-Commissioner Lord Blair, Scotland Yard spent tens of thousands of pounds sending its officers for training.


One of them was Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick (left), slammed for her role in the shooting by cops of innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005.


Ms Dick  later went on to appoint now-retired Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers to head all Scotland Yard’s numerous probes into alleged newspaper wrongdoing. Ms Akers was in charge of the Met’s North West child protection team at the time eight-year-old Victoria Climbie was tortured to death in 2000.

 The country’s second biggest force, West Midlands, sent 27 officers, including an Assistant Chief Constable, on Common Purpose courses under Chief Constable at the time Paul Scott-Lee  (image insert left).  In another twist, Mr Scott-Lee has spent the past year sitting as a Leveson adviser alongside Sir David.

A third Leveson panel member is Lord Currie, an ex-chairman of media watchdog Ofcom. Under his leadership, Ofcom officials were sent on Common Purpose courses.

Others with close links to Common Purpose include Labour MP Chris Bryant. He was the group’s London manager. Mr Bryant clashed with the Press after photos of him posing in his underpants on dating sites were published. He has been a vocal supporter of the Leveson inquiry.


But, while Common Purpose “graduates” sit in some of the most powerful positions in public life, the group has a sinister side.


It was slammed in 2009 for a chilling campaign against members of the public trying to uncover its secrets using Freedom of Information laws. It covertly sent out a “blacklist” of 18 people who had made FOI requests to public bodies, demanding that officials should not respond to them.

The blacklist included names, addresses and phone numbers.


Privacy watchdog the Information Commissioner’s Office said it was a probable breach of the Data Protection Act.


Meanwhile, details yesterday emerged of Sir David’s ties to pressure groups desperate to control Britain’s Press.


The Media Standards Trust (MST) he co-founded and was once chairman of has lobbied for tough Press reform — including in evidence given to Leveson while Sir David looked on as an adviser…”

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