The Joke’s on you…You Voted For Him…

Columbia, MO – November 10, 2012


By Debbie Lewis


The 2012 Presidential Election cycle is over, and President Obama emerged the winner.  For many of us, this was not a surprise.  We knew Romney could not beat him.  We did our research.  Many would blame the people who voted for third party candidates, boldly and tirelessly stating that a vote for anyone but Romney was a vote for Obama.  Part of the blame has to go to those who have no real idea for who or what they are voting.  More people than ever before are concerned about their loss of freedoms, yet they did nothing to protect them.  Also, I lay the blame squarely on the heads of the Republicans.  If they wanted to win, they should have nominated someone who could beat Obama, not someone who was basically his Republican clone.  Freedom-loving Americans just could not bring themselves to vote for Romney, as we know all too well he does NOT support our freedoms.  But then, neither does Obama!


I have been trying to reach people with the truth of the matter, but no one is listening.  You can ignore it, but the truth is still the truth, even if you don’t like it.  So, in an effort to help you all out…again…I will run down a few facts about both main candidates.  THIS is who you voted for…and, yes, there WERE better choices!


President Obama, who ran in 2008 on a platform of change and won a Nobel Peace Prize, came into office and his first task was to drone-bomb the heck out of Pakistan.  While campaigning, Obama stated his first order of business would be to bring the military home.  He even set a deadline; sixteen months from the day he took office.  That time frame didn’t materialize and he merely moved troops from Iraq to different locations in the Middle East.  It wasn’t until the end of his third year in office that he started bringing troops home.  Was that because he needed to at least try to make good on his promise???


Not only that, but while people, mostly Democrats and end-the-war advocates, looked to Obama as their answer to stop the madness with these illegal wars, they don’t even know his record is worse than Bush’s.  Wired did a spectacular article about the money, troops, drone hours and more in an article entitled The Dead, the Drones, the Dollars; The 9/11 Era by the Numbers.  The article reveals that, if averaged per year he was in office, President Obama spent more money on the “War on Terror” than did Bush, the president who started it.  Obama also ordered more wiretaps, sent more troops and special forces, and used MANY more drone flight hours than did Bush, among other things.  Maybe I’m mistaken, but it seems like that was hardly a change!   After all, people were furious with Bush for his war-mongering ways, yet gave Obama a pass for continuing the overseas aggressions.


What about our Constitution and your liberties?  As Senator, Obama voted for the first USA PATRIOT Act extension.  In doing so, he proved he had no concept of your rights and the federal government’s limited role in the lives of the US population.  The USA PATRIOT Act violates no less than five of your ten Bills of Right.  He voted for the original Real ID Act.  He voted for the notorious Bush FISA Amendment Act, which didn’t even bother to hide the fact that it was a total infringement on your right to privacy.


And there is more.  Our Peace-prize winning president ordered the assassination of a US citizen without allowing him his fundamental Fifth Amendment right to due process.  Not only that, it was never actually proven that al-Awlaki was guilty of anything for which he should be assassinated.


Obama supported and signed into law a bill that contains language for which US citizens can be indefinitely detained.  While this is not really new, as that is also a part of certain provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act, this particular bill is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which funds the military.  Also supported by Obama, and signed into law was HR 658, the domestic drone program, allowing the flight of drones over US soil.


Plus, while Obama continually saying he “inherited” the countries financial mess, must have forgotten that the Democrats were in charge of Congress during the last 2 years of Bush’s presidency.  They could have stopped it.  While a Senator, Obama voted FOR the Bush TARP legislation, and, as President, appointed former New York Fed Chairman, Timothy Geithner, to head the Treasury Department.  If ANYONE should have been aware of a financial collapse of the proportions we lived through, it should have been Geithner.


And that’s only part of it.  “But, you are just picking on President Obama. What about Romney,” you ask?  Ok…


Romney didn’t serve in Congress before his run for president, but he did serve as Governor of Massachusetts.  He doesn’t have the actual voting record to verify what he truly stands for like Obama, or his running mate Paul Ryan, but we can definitely still glean some of the truth of Romney from his time as Governor, some of his talking points, white papers and speeches.  But…there is the matter of his incessant flip-flopping many issues.  The real question about Romney should be, do we know what he stands for at all?


It turns out, not surprisingly, Romney fully supports the USA PATRIOT Act.  So did his running mate, Paul Ryan.  Ryan voted FOR the USA PATRIOT Act.  What about wiretapping in the US?  In the course of answering the question of the wiretapping mosques or churches and the concerns about protecting your civil liberties, Romney said, “But don’t forget, the most important civil liberty I expect from my government is my right to be kept alive, and that’s what we’re going to have to do.”  What about his stance on the FISA Amendment Act and its flagrant disregard for your right to privacy?  Turns out, Romney supported FISA, too, and Ryan voted for this, as well!


While we are on the subject of our liberties, what about Romney’s stand on the NDAA?  He made it clear that he would have signed that bill into law, as written, with the offending indefinite detention of US citizens.

What about TARP?  Turns out Romney supported that, too, and Ryan voted for that.


The Domestic Drone Program, which is another of a string of laws that violates your Fourth Amendment right to privacy?  I couldn’t find an answer about Romney’s support, but Representative Ryan voted for the bill…and there is SO much more.  Romneycare vs. Obamacare, the country’s MASSIVE deficit (well more than $16 TRILLION; that’s NOT the budget, that’s the DEBT!), for which MANY presidents back must share the blame, but which will cripple this country, just the same, and that’s not even the end of it.


So far, Romney is not much different than President Obama…did I mention “Republican clone?”


Let’s take a look at a couple of very popular social issues…legalization of marijuana and gay marriage.


Many people chose Obama partly because they want to legalize marijuana and felt their chances were far better under a Democrat.  Yet, the fact of the matter is, as President, Obama has never come out in support of legalization or decriminalization.  In April 2012, Reuters quoted President Obama from a speech given at a Latin American leader’s summit as saying, “I don’t think that legalization of drugs is going to be the answer,” and “I don’t mind a debate around issues like decriminalization…I personally don’t agree that’s a solution to the problem.”


On November 6, two states legalized marijuana; Colorado and Washington.  But, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, who opposed Colorado’s Amendment 64, said the people have spoken and we mean to see it forward, but he also stated federal law still considers marijuana illegal.  Will President Obama respect the wishes of the population of Colorado, not to mention Colorado’s state right to legalize?  Very doubtful!  Oh, and by the way, are you aware that our founding fathers grew Hemp???  It was a staple crop in the good ole’ US of A…


Just a matter of fact, for people who believe marijuana is dangerous, an expanded study by the CDC in 2008 found that 79,000 deaths PER YEAR between 2001 and 2005 could be attributed to alcohol use.  Even though there are plenty of studies that show the chance of death related to marijuana alone is nothing, there was a study done involving several large metropolitan areas that showed a handful of deaths in several cities across the country.  They used those figures to “project” marijuana only deaths across the nation.  In 2002, that “projected” figure was 581 people.  Not even 1% of those who died from alcohol use, yet no one is trying to make alcohol illegal!


Again I say, just because you don’t believe it, it doesn’t make it any less true!


Many people, again decidedly more liberal leaning, supported Obama because they felt, under a Democratic president, gay marriage stood a better chance of becoming legal.  In August 2008, during a forum lead by Pastor Rick Warren, Obama, commenting about marriage, said, “It’s a union between a man and a woman. For me as a Christian, it is a sacred union. God’s in the mix…”  While he believed in civil unions, Obama never gave gay marriage his open endorsement until this past May.  As the New York Times article put it, this announcement was the completion of “a wrenching personal transformation on the issue” For people who believe in gay marriage, why would they think this is a genuine endorsement seeing as it is an election year?  It appears to me that if Obama truly believed in gay marriage he would have come out about it from the moment he began running for president the first time…but he didn’t.


These may be the main and only differences in President Obama and Romney…Romney doesn’t support legalization of either marijuana or gay marriage.  And, while it is true that he supports neither, does Obama?  He doesn’t appear to!  Plus, these are really non-issues, as these should be left up to the individual or states and NOT the federal government!


Our elections for president are supposed to be about finding THE very best person to lead our country.  Someone who understands the country, its founding and more importantly, the true role of the federal government.  It’s about finding a person who understands the Oath of Office every President must take, and takes that oath seriously.  Clearly, neither of these men fit the bill.  So, why were they even considered?


I do apologize, but I am frustrated with my fellow Americans.  Our population needs a wake-up call.  They’ve become complacent and lazy with regard to their rights and the very reason this country was founded in the first place.  AND, what you do, or don’t do, DOES affect everyone else.  The very fact that many likely knew nothing, or had merely a passing knowledge, about these very few issues proves that they should have abstained from voting altogether, and let those of us who actually know what’s going on elect our leaders.  The time to be nice about this is over, because this doesn’t just affect us, it affects our children, grandchildren and likely our great grandchildren.  It is not the place of the government to put future generations in any kind of debt, much less the next administration, yet we have presidents passing laws that affect the population YEARS into the future.


It is our duty to be mindful of our rights, and watchful of our representatives.  I have one question for you…are you taking your duty seriously?  I know I am!


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