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In the light of the content of this excellent and very informative  video, the viewer should seriously consider how the so-called COVID – 19 virus is being used to further and agenda, it is an expansion project which ultimately will be used for PROFIT, another aspect of the Global Corporation and so much more beyond your imagination, here is a short list:

  • The creation of the ultimate police state
  • Harvesting of human and other data
  • A cashless society
  • The production of and selling of vaccines
  • The loss of personal autonomy
  • The morphing of humans with AI
  • The harvesting of human energy as a result of chipping through vaccines

Humanity needs to wake up and wake up  fast. Conciousness must rise.  What will it take for this to occur? Until those have lost everything, who never thought of loosing anything, will humans wake up.

Sadly, the inevitable is about to happen…watch this space.


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Based on Joel Bakan’s bestseller The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, this 26-award-winning documentary explores a corporation’s inner workings, curious history, controversial impacts and possible futures. One hundred and fifty years ago, a corporation was a relatively insignificant entity. Today, it is a vivid, dramatic, and pervasive presence in all our lives. Like the Church, the Monarchy and the Communist Party in other times and places, a corporation is today’s dominant institution. Charting the rise of such an institution aimed at achieving specific economic goals, the documentary also recounts victories against this apparently invincible force. Ce documentaire 26 fois primé est inspiré du livre à succès de Joel Bakan intitulé The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power qui examine les rouages, l’histoire étrange, les pratiques controversées et l’avenir potentiel d’une corporation. Il y a cent cinquante ans, une telle entité était sans grande importance.

Dans le quotidien actuel, une corporation a une présence vivante et marquante qui se manifeste partout. Elle est devenue une institution dominante comme l’ont été jadis l’Église, la monarchie et le parti communiste. Ce film explique son essor et les objectifs économiques précis qui constituent sa raison d’être. Il raconte aussi des victoires arrachées à cette force vraisemblablement irréductible.


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