The Abuse of Grandma B – How Corrupt British Officials are Plundering the Assets of the Elderly


When this affair first started five years ago, Grandma B was still naïve enough to believe that her case was an isolated exception and the authorities – in particular North Yorkshire Police (NYP) and the City of York Council (CYC) – would act according to the law and quickly deal with the social workers and police officers abusing her.


She was very wrong.

In the ensuing five years, the extent of the massive web of official corruption spreading across Britain has become ever more apparent, with the cases of Ian Tomlinson, Hillsborough and finally Jimmy Savile coming to light.


The Common Purpose “graduates” running York Social Services then sat down with the abusers and held a “safeguarding” conference at which they exonerated Grandma B’s abusers and declared her carer (her youngest son Peter) the abuser. This conference breached York SS’ own rules, as the accused was not informed of the conference nor given an opportunity to answer the false allegations against him. As such it was unlawful and its findings not valid.



Having now fled from the corrupt authorities in Britain, the current situation of is that Peter Hofschröer  and his mother have been hounded from our place of refuge in Austria, as the judiciary there were determined to declare Peter “mentally incapacitated” and put him in a mental hospital then send his mother back to England where there is a place on the “care pathway” reserved for her. They then would seize and dispose of all their assets.
Their lives are under threat and need  publicity urgently.
On the 11th September 2013, one of the many psychopathic perverts in the Austrian judiciary acting in common purpose with the notorious North Yorkshire Police and the utterly corrupt City of York Council to defraud Grandma B of her assets issued a “court order” demanding that Grandma B’s carer allow a known criminal to declare him “mentally incapacitated” with the specific objective of preventing him from taking any further legal action to stop Robert Hofschröer and his criminal gang from defrauding her.

The “judge” in question, Monika Lackner, of the District Court of Liezen in Austria, stated she would have the front door of Grandma B’s house broken down if she did not allow these criminals to abuse her and her carer.

After receiving this threatening letter, Grandma B, who is already badly traumatised, had to be taken to a safe refuge to protected her from the judiciary in Hitler’s homeland.

However, even Hitler and his cohorts would never have stooped so low as the Austrian judiciary to hound an wheelchair-bound great-grandmother from her refuge.

How sick can you get?

Anybody wishing to contact this pervert to express their opinion about her are welcome to e-mail her on:

Her boss, the Austrian Minster of Justice Beatrix Karl can be reached on:

Do not hesitate to let them know your opinion.


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