Tears Behind Closed Doors

Diana Holmes completed one year of her SRN (State Registered Nurse) training. The ensuing years were plagued by ill health and many misdiagnoses, she eventually ended up in a wheel chair.

Diana is a courageous woman who has strived to help many thousands suffering with her helpline. The research she has uncovered should put an end to the gravest ‘faux pas’ in medical history, but just like other issues, the door keeps being closed. Why?This is the harrowing story of one remarkable and intelligent woman who struggled to survive against a health-system impregnated with limited protocols and half-truths that condemn many of us to a life of pain and disability and eventual death, because the system is treating dis-ease with singular labels


This is Diana’s story

In 1994 she started a campaign to look into the problems of diagnosing and managing thyroid conditions. She ran a Help Line for three years, during which time she spoke to over 6,000 thyroid sufferers. Eventually she met consultant Dr Gordon Skinner. He was so impressed with her work that he asked her to assist with his thyroid clinic, which she did for two and half years. She has now written two books about her life and the effects of hypothyroidism and co-authored a medical paper with Dr Skinner, as well as given talks throughout the UK.

The diversity of the signs and symptoms of this chronic condition

Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK (and millions world-wide) are suffering with hypothyroidism (under active thyroid gland). This condition is not being picked up because doctors are using blood test results as the only indicator. Signs, symptoms, history of the patient and a clinical appraisal should be used as other indicators.

Therefore, many who suffer with thyroid conditions are not diagnosed or they are misdiagnosed with other diseases. The diversity of the signs and symptoms of this chronic condition of hypothyroidism leads doctors into taking symptoms in isolation and treating them, and therefore many people are pigeonholed into illnesses they do not have. These people are desperate to be well, but instead they are intimidated, fobbed off, and belittled by the medical profession. In this article I have included extracts from my book Tears Behind Closed Doors to highlight very important facts of the GRAVEST ‘FAUX PAS’ IN MEDICAL HISTORY.

Over a period of twenty-three years I was misdiagnosed with six serious diseases and treated for them all. The diseases were, namely, Epilepsy (treated for six months), Coeliac disease (an allergy to the protein in wheat and rye for which I was on a Coeliac diet for eleven years), Polymyalgia Rheumatica (a muscle disease for which I was treated for six months with high doses of steroids).

“My energy level continued to be way below par. The intensity of the dizziness varied, depending on my activities and now I had coeliac disease. The list of my physical disorders was growing. In addition I had the mental and emotional problem of coping with my life as my health continued in a downward spiral.

My desperation to quantify my illness

I was also beginning to experience the terrible frustration and loneliness of ill health. All who suffer from long-term or debilitating illnesses experience these feelings but usually try to conceal them. One feels ashamed yet dare not admit it to others. Feelings of anger also well up until they reach an intolerable over-spill; contributing to the drain on one’s emotional well being.

I often imagined that if I could put the feelings of dizziness, sleepiness, and the awful way I felt, on the table in front of my GP, then he would see that I wasn’t making up this horrible nightmare. My desperation to quantify my illness to him was immense. Yet, to convey this to him in anything that would remotely resemble facts, was impossible for me.…
“Few of you reading this will realise that there is an illness stalking this land, attacking nearly one in three of you at some time in your life; which; untreated will not get better and go away; and which will slowly age you, and eventually destroy you. Moreover treatment has been available for more than a century, but has become steadily less effective; and, worse its malign presence is less and less recognised by a medical profession at worst because of wilful omission by doctors and specialists, or at best because of lack of basic knowledge. …”~ Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield

Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield saved my life

I reasoned that if this had happened to me it must have happened to others and so I started to carry out some research.

What I found was devastating! It was so simple and yet the medical profession had missed it!

According to Sir Richard Bayliss, an eminent endocrinologist, ‘The reference values for testing blood for thyroid function are, “95% fiducial limits of so-called healthy people.”2 Broken down this means, ‘an assumed fixed basis of comparison of so-called healthy people.’ Assumed, so-called – this is very loose and if the starting point is loose, then why do doctors interpret thyroid blood test results with so much rigidity? Whatever happened to signs, symptoms, patient history and clinical appraisals?

Doctors need to be reinformed

Laboratories are working on the assumption, that blood testing for thyroid function, is ‘an assumed fixed basis of comparison of ‘so-called’ healthy people,’ so-called being the operative word. When the starting point is very loose then the end result cannot be deemed to be specific! As patients did not have a blood test when they were well, there was no need, therefore the doctor does not have a base line for them, from which to work.

I sincerely believe that GPs are not receiving the correct information from their professional body. They must feel frustration when blood test results are returned in the ‘reference range.’ Many times doctors may believe that their patient is suffering from a thyroid condition, only to be upstaged by a blood test result. They do need to be reinformed on the diagnosis and management of thyroid conditions. I hope that by sharing my story it will help the readers of Namaste to a greater vista. (You may take this and Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield’s article to your GP).

As I stated at the beginning of the article, I believe this to be the biggest ‘faux pas’ in medical history. If that isn’t the answer, then is there A HIDDEN AGENDA?

WHY do I think this is?

Is your thyroid function compromised?

* A myriad of diverse symptoms can point to dysfunction and are being ignored by the medical systems.

* The routine blood tests alone are NOT able to detect thyroid/adrenal dysfunction.

* Doctors forced to treat blood test results not patients. Iodine deficiency and fluoride –
two major disrupters putting 141 million Europeans at risk.

“To condemn the entire population, already having marginal levels of iodine, to inevitable progressive failure of their thyroid system by fluoridating the water, borders on criminal lunacy.

Thyroid deficiency is the great pretender and any part of your system, in any combination with any other, many malfunction, producing its own particular mix of symptoms.”  ~ Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield

Many people today are enslaved in bitter bondage and the slave driver is technology. This technology is used out of ignorance by the medical profession whose reliance, on a set of figures, outweighs the signs and symptoms suffered by the patient.

As I stated at the beginning of the article, I believe this to be the biggest ‘faux pas’ in medical history. If that isn’t the answer, then is there A HIDDEN AGENDA?


Tears Behind Closed Doors

This book represents a long overdue examination of a serious medical problem and is the result of Diana Holmes’s untiring crusade in the wake of continuing failure to diagnose thyroid dysfunction. Diana sets the scene by telling her own harrowing story and explaining the triumphant way in which she overcame her illness. She goes on to examine with great clarity the multitude of signs and symptoms.

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