Alberto Rivera, a Former Jesuit Priest and Agent of ROME – Expose

Alberto Magno Rivera Romero (Sept, 19, 1935-June, 29, 1997) was an ex- Jesuit priest who left the Jesuit order and exposed much of it´s crimes. He was murdered.       The Jesuits have infiltrated every religion and alternative movements including but no limited to the new age etc with … Continue reading

Not in Our Name – Hold Them to Account

The following came to us via email. Those in public office are acting beyond authority. We allow it. WATCH the FILM –  DO NOT TURN AWAY The URL below reveals what your representatives in public office do in your name, this is reality, watch and do not turn away. WE NEED … Continue reading

French General confirms 1970s German plans to destroy Yugoslavia

In this video a French Brigadier General describes German plans for the destruction of Yugoslavia. He attended meetings of French German and British and the Vatican (a major funder of pro Croat propaganda before and during the 1990s war) in the 1970s where Germany made clear its wish to dismember … Continue reading