Hounding Steven Messham, Smears in the Mail, Threats against MPs, & Police Complicity

The McAlpine ‘shame on BBC’ smears: Something for Sir Alfred to explain… In what I admit is something of a risk, The Slog today tries to blow away some of the dry-ice being liberally sprayed about by the Establishment in relation to its long-standing record of depravity by the few, and … Continue reading

NEWS BLACK OUT – The March on Parliament, 5th November 2012

ANONYMOUS V FOR VENDETTA MARCH ON PARLIAMENT  PART 1 of 2 This is the NEWS they don’t want the world to know about. LONDON: This story was not touched by BBC, ITV, Sky, all government controlled media kept quiet. How can this be? No more proof needed of media control! … Continue reading

What have you done Steve?

This job really is a thankless task sometimes, which leaves me shaking my head in despair and thinking to myself ‘ why do I bother’. I am of course referring to Steve Messham’s apology to the paedophile McAlpine. We are now led to believe that Messham, who has been quizzed … Continue reading