British Political Hypocrisy at its Peak

British Political Hypocrisy at its Peak

  By Bob Lomas The Magna Carta Society   Of all times of the year we learn during Remembrance week that a brave andcourageous British soldier of excellent record has been tried and found guilty of murdering in the heat of a fire fight an unarmed member of his enemy, … Continue reading


BEWARE of what you are being led/encouraged to vote for!!.   We in the UK, a once sovereign free people, are in GRAVE danger.  The Gestapo started in Germany with a private police force. The email below is VERY important. We urge you to send this post to all your friends, … Continue reading

Britain, for God’s Sake Wake Up!

Long before many were old enough , wise enough and realised the global elite were planning to destroy our British national sovereignty, in 1974 Hughie Green made clarion call to the people of Britain: “For God Sake Wake UP.” He devised and began politicising an apolitical family-friendly format. It has … Continue reading