Court Rules Amish Girl to be Forcefully Poisoned with Chemotherapy

NaturalNews) Just weeks after an Ohio court ruled that medical authorities could not force chemotherapy upon a 10-year-old Amish girl against the wishes of her parents, an appeals court overturned the rule, allowing the hospital — which profits from chemotherapy treatments — to force this girl to receive chemotherapy against … Continue reading

Saving Neon Roberts From the Cancer Industry

By Linda Scotson   “The first, is the 1939 Cancer Act which makes it illegal in the UK to promote or advertise anything other than radio, chemo or surgery as treatments for Cancer”   What has been lost in the press reportage of Sally Robert’s brave struggle to obtain a … Continue reading

The Stranglehold that the UK 1939 Cancer Act Exerts in Great Britain

by Madeline C. Hickey-Smith (OMNS Aug 3, 2012) Most citizens of Great Britain are totally unaware of the 1939 Cancer Act which effectively prevents them from finding out about different treatments for cancer. Excerpts from the UK 1939 Cancer Act: “4 – (1) No person shall take any part in … Continue reading