The Corporation – Feature, Documentary

In the light of the content of this excellent and very informative  video, the viewer should seriously consider how the so-called COVID – 19 virus is being used to further and agenda, it is an expansion project which ultimately will be used for PROFIT, another aspect of the Global Corporation … Continue reading

Italian MP for Rome, Sara Cunial Makes Historic Speech Calling for the Arrest of Bill Gates

Historic Speech given April 24, 2020   By a brave Italian MP for ROME, Sara Cunial, she exposed the truth about Gates et el to the Italian Parliament both in regard to vaccines and the current global scamdemic. Calling for the arrest of Bill GATES:   “We, the people, will … Continue reading

Prof. Dolores Cahill Destroys Globilists Media COV-Gate LIES – Crimes Against Humanity

THE AMAZING Professor Cahill calls for Legal Experts to get Involved, to contact her to Investigate COV- GATE with a  Legal Challange to STOP Mandatory Vaccination.   Prof. Dolores Cahill Destroys Deliberate Lies by the Globalists and their Media Cohorts   Computing Forever speaks with Professor Dolores Cahill an experienced … Continue reading