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WOW! James Holmes (CO Shooter) FatherVIP with American Credit Score and about to appear before Congress for LIBOR

If this information is correct, James Holmes’ father, Robert Holmes, is a VIP with American Credit Score Company and is about to appear before Congress regarding this LIBOR scandal. Guess what? Now, he is having to focus attention on this ordeal with his mind-controlled son. This could be the reason his son was chosen as the Manchurian candidate for yet another staged event aimed at convincing the masses that gun control is necessary for the safety of the public.

Because of this event, gun sales in Colorado escalated to an all time high. Hmmm.. NICE!!!!!!!! Remember, folks, guns are no good without ammo and you need more than a few rounds.

 The shooter is the son of of Robert Holmes, the senior lead scientist with the American Credit Score Company FICO.

Guess where his son went to school and where Robert Holmes lives?
Berkeley, California – home of Timothy Leary and the original LSD mind control experiments.

Robert Holmes is about to testify before Congress on the Banking Scandal called the “Libor Scam.”

The manipulation of these credit rates has made the top 12 banks in the western world look very solid. The truth is about to surface.
$45 trillion given to these banks by Bush and Obama did not go to the banks – but about 92,000 of the Lucifarian Elites.

Please see: Colorado Massacre Linked to Historic Bank Fraud.
This Libor Scandal was exposed to the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York way back in 2008 and they covered it up. Apparently they also used their influence with the Operations Director of the CIA to kill all these people in a theater to distract Robert Holmes so he would not testify.

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