Solved, the Mystery of the Money Chest: How David Bell Sits on the Charity Bankrolling his Own Campaign

 One of the mysteries surrounding the Media Standards Trust (which spawned Hacked Off) has been how it finances itself.

Today, the Mail can reveal that over the past seven years, the Trust has received £440,000 from a body called the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation — one of the largest independent grant-giving charitable trusts in the UK.

A study of how it operates provides a tantalising glimpse of how Leftish lobby groups can infiltrate such bodies to finance their own often ideological causes.

The Foundation was established in 1961 by City financier Ian Fairbairn, an Old Etonian Great War veteran, rowing Olympian and progressive capitalist who made his fortune at M&G Investments by pioneering the unit trust industry.

Named after his late wife Esmee, who had been killed in an air raid in 1944 and had earlier helped form the Citizens Advice Bureaux, the Foundation’s current website says of its original aims:

‘Ian’s initial intention was two-fold: to protect M&G from hostile takeover, and to raise the level of people’s financial understanding.

However, the founding trust deed was broadly drafted, to allow for the funding of any charitable activity approved by Trustees.’

The early Foundation was run on an ad-hoc basis but its scale and nature changed dramatically in 1999 when Prudential bought M&G, creating a windfall of £625 million.

It was the time of New Labour and the Third Way, and this was reflected in the people running the Foundation.


The DAILY MAIL  has published several pages (above article) about the farce of the Leveson inquiry today and has also mentioned the POLITICAL CHARITY COMMON PURPOSE.  (See article below) After years of the U.K. Column and others telling all and sundry about this, they have finally picked up on it.

 What we need now is for all the public to write to the MAIL and ask them to demand that the government open the ORE paedophile file which Blair sealed for 100 years, and tell the public whose names were on that list.

 Common Purpose – A Hidden Menace

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