Scotland – Duchess of Hamilton Calls for Change in Law on Sectioning

Please support the Duchess of Hamilton  in her attempts to help Joe Bloggs (sign the petition at the link below) and change the present archaic Scottish Sectioning law, having lost her own husband, the Duke, in 2010 shortly after his unlawful sectioning. This is a big opportunity for us (the people) collectively to change the present Scottish Mental Health Act.

Fortunately, the Dowager Duchess of Hamilton isn’t alone in her efforts to bring about a much needed review and eventual reform of the mental health system in Scotland.

Campaigner Hunter Watson, who had learnt of others, who have been victimised, detained and harmed by the system, had already drawn up a petition to the Scottish Government, which aligned with the Duchess’ vision for reform.

The Duchess is therefore keen to support the petition so that others may not have to suffer the uncertainty, the indignity and the suffering associated with the loss of civil liberties at the hands of psychiatrists.

The Duchess Hamilton has asked for all our help
to change the law in Scotland


“When I saw him trying to get out of the hospital, I thought to myself, ‘If this can happen to the Premier Peer of Scotland, what chance does Joe Bloggs have?’


Scottish Express report by Greg Christison

“Scotland’s mental health laws must be overhauled to prevent members of the public being wrongly sectioned, a leading aristocrat has warned.

The Dowager Duchess of Hamilton, Kay Hamilton, insists her late husband, the 15th Duke of Hamilton, Angus, was unjustifiably detained against his will by psychiatrists.
She believes that a bizarre decision to section the Duke led to his death in 2010. She is now calling on the Scottish Government to review legislation which allows anyone to be apprehended for 28 days without the approval of an independent body. Her comments coincide with a petition from campaigner William Hunter Watson, who believes the current system breaches the European Convention of Human Rights.

The Duke of Hamilton, who was the Premier Peer of Scotland, was suffering from vascular dementia when he was sectioned under a short-term certificate in 2009…”

Lady Hamilton said: “At no time was I consulted, and I had power of attorney for him. I asked why but no one would tell me anything …friends had likened the conditions to something out of the novel and movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.”


You may wish to sign the petition and add your comments by using this link, or type PE01494 into Google, sign and leave comments.

We have set up a group called Psychiatric Rights Scotland to campaign for human rights in mental health in Scotland. Many people in Scotland have been brutalised and detained under this BARBARIC Act.

Anne Greig was one such person brutalised and unlawfully detained under the Mental Health Act (1984) after her husband Denis Mackie, fabricated a story besmirching her character to cover his crimes:

Character assasination was also used against investigator, researcher and campaigner George Farquhar (see details below) to prevent the exposure of crimes. Psychiatry has a long history of brutality, few are aware that a Rome slaughterhouse inspired the so-called scientific procedure known as shock treatment or Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

Read this excellent article by Dr Vernon Coleman exposing
The Truth About Mental Illness (And The Scary Truth About Psychiatry

Below are the stories of 5 other people with experiences of being sectioned under the Scottish regime.


George Farquhar, founder of Project Freedom – Child Rights Watch. Was an investigator, researcher and campaigner, dedicated to the mass public exposure of secret societies’ child abuse networks and paedophile rings. He was detained under the Scottish Mental Health Act in 2003, after he non-violently campaigned in and around Edinburgh against those crimes, he was arrested about eight times by Lothian and Borders police and detained in the Royal Edinburgh hospital, in a clinic for the criminally insane. He was a political prisoner, forcibly injected nine times against his will with high doses of anti-psychotic drugs.

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