Roger Hayes imprisonment may be illegal under English Common Law


 By Nick.K.Chance


If we don ‘t all stand up for our constitutional rights as won, (not from Parliament as MP’s would have you believe!), but from our Monarchy, then we have failed our forefathers who have perished for our country’s independence and sovereignty. Not only for Roger’s sake should we march upon Westminster but for ALL OUR SAKES, because those that should really be in gaol are those traitors who treasonously allow and encourage the subjugation of the people by a foreign power contrary to our rights. What a squalid bunch of filth inhabits Westminster and Whitehall and they should be hanged!


Roger Hayes imprisonment may be illegal under English Common Law

By Anne Palmer


 As an ex Magistrate, I have never heard of such an event (I cannot call it a TRIAL) that took place as this as described by Mr Batten.   I cannot even understand how this could have taken place under Common Law as in our constitution Today.  Certainly not with the agreement of any British person, and certainly not sanctioned legally/lawfully by any member of this Government whose solemn and faithful Oaths of Allegiance is the British Crown, the British Crown that represents all the people in this land and also all Members of her Majesty’s Government and Parliament as are also the Oaths of Judges.


If anyone can tell me that EU Treaties over-ride our long Standing Common Law Constitution, then Treason has already been done and those Treaties in UK law cannot possibly stand and those that signed such Treaties should be brought before the British Courts.  The gentleman presently held in Prison should be released at once, and preferable before ALL British subjects decide to do THEIR duty and with-hold THEIR taxes too.


British Justice is not done in secret, particularly in matters which touches on the lives of everyone living in this Country.  A trial must be held where all interested parties may attend. We are not of the continental system-this is a wake-up call for everyone in this Country even our own MP’s, in what they are allegedly doing unlawfully in our name.


The people in living memory have fought for their Country’s FREEDOM twice, and without doubt they will do so again-albeit in a different way- which in the foolish locking up of one Britisher doing his Duty will show that we, the rest are failing him and our Country. “The laws of England are the birthright of the people thereof; and all the kings and queens, who shall ascend the throne of this realm, ought to administer the government of the same according to the said laws; and all their officers and ministers ought to serve them respectively, according to the same.”


Act of Settlement, 1700/01  “And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm.”  So swore our present Queen and no one may contradict our Monarch or the solemn promise made.




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