PROTEST – Abolish the corrupt IPCC

On Tues 1st of May 2012, (3pm -6pm) at the Head offices of the IPCC there will be a mass protest calling for the following; -A full & public Parliamentary enquiry into the IPCC and the wider Police Complaints system (a petition will be launched) -The abolition of the IPCC as it currently stands. Whilst it is clear that a system for police accountability is vital and required in law, the current conduct of the IPCC falls far short of what we should reasonably expect. There is mass dissatisfaction from those people who have turned to the IPCC for help and complaint outcomes are of serious concern. Our view is that it appears both misconduct of the police and their criminal behaviour is regularly covered up. It is not only the general public who have expressed concern over the IPCC. In 2008 the Police Action Lawyers Group resigned from the IPCC advisory body as a result of their serious concerns. We wish to invite you to cover the protest which starts at 3pm and closes at 6pm. There will be many interesting speakers and victims of police corruption/IPCC cover up. It is expected to be a well attended event your coverage will be most appreciated.
Press Release, Campaign4Justice
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