UK Sexual Abuse – Problem-Reaction-Solution – The Set-Up

Problem – Too much real and live information on the internet for Government to manage events.

Reaction – Release the Savile story, let there be a public reaction – unfortunately the N.Wales story took off without being properly managed by the powers that be.

Solution – Regulate the Internet. This being the target all along, following quickly on the heels of the Leveson Enquiry, can’t regulate the press without regulating the internet, and a cause was needed to justify it.

This synopsis taken from a comment on the Icke forum (which coincidently at the time of writing has suddenly gone down, as had Tom Watson’s site earlier).

1. This whole thing stinks from Tom Watson on-wards. He puts the attention onto senior Tories.

2. Then out of nowhere, Newsnight apparently – investigated Steve Messham and his allegations on at least two separate occasions “and found them wanting”. Yet, still went ahead with a report, and with him as it’s lead claiming abuse by a senior Tory without ever contacting Mc as they weren’t planning on naming him.

3. At the time people were saying they didn’t name but put it out there so that we would name. Cue much twitter speculation.

4. Pip then accosts the PM with a ‘list’ as they had been circulating online. He (DC) attempts to spin it into an online witch-hunt, MSM uproar about journalistic standards. Pip later apologizes.

5. Next thing Mc issues a statement and already the media are running with mistaken identity.

6. Later in the day SM (for some reason only now is shown a pic to check he has the right guy) retracts an allegation of a name, albeit one he has never made publically. He apologizes as well.

7. So does Newsnight, their programme is seen to be in turmoil. News channels run with two theories, either BBC thought they had to be seen to be acting after SaVile-gate and jumped the gun, or they were conspiring to shift blame onto the Tory party and away from themselves. Quite an accusation, but hardly suprising in the climate we are in ATM.

So, now in a matter of a week, the emphasis has been completely switched from sympathy for the victims to the accused. The internet and ”conspiracy theorists” are to blame for a witch-hunt that has already claimed one innocent. Anti-Tory and homophobic attitudes are also blamed. We’re being threatened with legal action now.

SM (who i also think has been leaned on), a key figure is seen to be discredited somewhat and the MSM + online agents are casting him as an unreliable witness, allusions to fantasists from the trial are re-awoken. Already one high profile public ”accuser” and ”accused” story has been entirely misleading and there is fresh talk of just how believable any other victims might be.

This of course might lead to people being less willing to come forward, handy that eh?

Instead of the internet being touted by people to get info from as the MSM is seen to be compromised, it’s actually a dangerous mass witch-hunt that’s to blame for accusing innocent parties and could compromise any future cases and it’s outcomes. Seriously, i’ve already seen someone trying to blame us (over them), because the BBC didn’t name names and we did.

All of this was already brewing online, waiting to be lapped into an actual hysteria. I don’t think this was accidental guys. ”They” are clearly fighting back and willing to sacrifice whatever they have to in order to spin this away from their crimes and back onto us.

Whether that means using Pip and DC to sully their own reputations by acting in ways they regularly wouldn’t have done. Or further putting the blows into Newsnight/BBC et al. Why else would they act like this when public confidence is at all time low? They (Newsnight) are already embroiled in one major scandal and they just sleepwalk right into another bigger one? Doesn’t add up? I think they know the Beeb is walking dead and will happily use it to play out their sick games? No-one’s available to comment? They’re laughing at us again…..

Thankfully, many are waking up to their tactics on some level, the harder they try and all that…

Joe public knows exactly what’s going on here, and is not buying the official line.

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