On this Rememberance Day

November 11th. Today is the day we traditionally remember those who have given their lives in our defence, fighting our wars to protect us at home.


It has been so for nearly 100 years and I salute them and will continue to salute and honour them. Their bravery has kept us safe from foreign invasion.


But today I want to ask you to remember another group, many of whom whilst living are all but dead inside, those who through no fault of their own have had their childhood and right to happiness taken from them.


Paedophilia is a dirty word, it is supposed to be, because it describes what sick and depraved adults do to young and innocent children. It is a word many of us shy away from, it is something we do not want to confront, yet in doing so we allow it to continue.


Those who have found courage, both as young persons and in later life who do find the ability to speak out find that the full force of the state, from the political elite to the police and judiciary are ready, willing and more than able to abuse them all over again.


The state have time and time again made the case that paedophilia is only perpetrated by dirty old men in seedy back streets, we see that in the legislation that is written, by the debates in the Houses of Parliament and the presentations that are thrust upon us by the media.


But we know in our hearts that is not true.


Abused children are a group who do not have an Army, Navy and AirForce to guard over them. This is a group abused by the very vestiges of state that are supposed to protect them. Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Care Homes, Social Workers, Teachers, yet it is the same ‘protectors’ that will destroy them, even murder them to ensure that word of their own depravity never reaches the public at large. Only this week parliamentarians are calling for more children to be taken into this state run system of abuse.


We have seen over the past weeks how the establishment have closed ranks, put pressure on victims of abuse to redact or retract their allegations, to destroy their very credibility.


We know in our hearts that this abuse is continuing and until we gain the same courage as those victims who have dared to speak out, this abuse will never end, nor will the abusers be brought to book.


There is no longer any trust in the Police to investigate properly, there is no trust in the CPS to prosecute, there is no trust in the politicians to ever allow this to happen, and there is no trust in the media to properly report it.


In the words of Edmund Burke “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.


The time has arrived for you to do something and not to let this evil continue. This is something we must do for ourselves. On this day of remembering our fallen, perhaps it is time for our military to switch their focus from defending us from outside threats to defending our children from internal ones, as you remember that your oath is to the Queen, not this corrupted and depraved State.


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