UK Government finances British Fluoridation Society

“We find it particularly obscene that
Government should continue
to finance
the British Fluoridation Society.”



Rt Hon Jack Straw,
Constituency Office
Richmond Chambers,
Richmond Terrace,
Blackburn BB1 7AS

Water fluoridation is unethical and illegal

Dear Mr Straw

Public opposition to fluoridation is now a major political issue.
As the public begins to understand the moral and legal issues raised by giving Strategic Health Authorities the power to add toxic but unregistered medicinal substances to public water supplies, opposition to the amended fluoridation legislation is growing rapidly. Indeed, in some areas recent polls have indicated that more then 90% are not prepared to accept this State-mandated form of compulsory medication. The North West Councils Against Fluoridation has campaigned foe years against this unethical and illegal tampering with water supplies.

Such is the public anger against this practice that, with the expansion in its sphere of operations into Yorkshire, it has now changed its name to the UK Councils Against Fluoridation. We fully intend to recruit Councils from all parts of the country as the next stage of the campaign to promote public rejection of water fluoridation nation-wide. The first meeting hosted by Lancaster City Council passed two motions proposed by Cllr Richard Hall of North Yorkshire County Council and seconded by Cllr John Whitelegg of Lancaster City Council:

• That NWCAF change its name to UK Councils Against Fluoridation and invite all councils opposed to fluoridation to join them.

• That this organisation seek a presentation to the North West’s highest placed MP who is known to be opposed to fluoridation, the Rt Hon Jack Straw MP for Blackburn.

• The second meeting hosted by Pendle Council included representatives from Blackburn Council and supported the motions, with the following amendments:

• This presentation is a matter of utmost urgency and in making it we ask Mr Straw to lead in Parliament on the position we hold.

• We must keep pressure on MP’s at this time, bombarding them with information securing support in the House of Commons to defeat the legislation.

The intent to medicate using fluoridation chemicals is illegal….
Published in Namaste Magazine Vol.7 Issue 2

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