North Yorkshire Police and its Role in an International Crime Syndicates

By Peter Hofschröer
North Yorkshire Police (NYP) has a long history of crime and corruption from chief officer level down to the bobby on the beat. As the old Yorkshire saying goes, a fish starts to rot from the head. This fish stinks from top to bottom.
Over the years, chief officers of NYP have persistently abused their powers and made fraudulent expense claims. See for instance:

 NYP has also persistently turned a blind eye to the activities of Britain’s most notorious child abuser,  Jimmy Savile, who was active on their patch for a good fifty years. This was probably not just for a share of the proceeds, as senior officers of NYP are known to have been members of his “Friday Morning Club”. As neither the Chief Constable David Jones, nor the Police & Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan will answer the questions of concerned parents as to who they were, it is likely they are senior officers still serving with the force.


The public is clearly in serious danger from this criminal gang.

However, fraud and child abuse are not the only sources of illicit revenue for NYP. This force is also known to be involved in cases of defrauding defenceless old people of their assets.

One of the most appalling cases is that of the disabled, great-grandmother Barbara Hofschröer, who was resident in York since her retirement. However, she was unlawfully evicted from her home early in 2010 by a crime syndicate that includes chief officers of NYP. This criminal gang is known to target isolated, defenceless old people and seize their assets. The “care pathway” is a useful tool in such circumstances, as this finalises their fraudulent activities.


Fortunately, Grandma B, as she has become known, was on holiday abroad when this happened, so she lives to tell her tale. Although her case has been raised in Parliament and the press on numerous occasions, Home Secretary Theresa May has refused to use her powers to deal with this crime and corruption.


As, by the end of 2009, Grandma B was exhausted by the sustained campaign of harassment to which York Police and Social Services were subjecting her, her carer decided to take her on holiday to Austria for that Christmas.

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