NEW FILM – The Great Culling” Official Water Trailer

Hello Everyone –

Chris and Paul here, we just wanted to give you all another update as to where we are with our documentary THE GREAT CULLING. As of yesterday we were able to release our AIR trailer just in the nick of time for Christmas. With the completion of the trailer we are turning our all of our attention to the final edit of the film. As we are pressed for time we will have to hold off on the 3rd trailer, which covers the FOOD/VACCINATION segment of the film. We are both very excited about the explosive interviews that we have accumulated for that segment however they will just have to wait for the final edit. We feel that with all that has been happening around us in the world today and even right here in our own country, it is vital for us to get this information out immediately.

Our biggest concern right now is getting the film completed. The finalizing/finishing process of film making can go one of two ways, fast or slow and that depends solely on donations. This phase is always the most expensive part and the most time consuming. Once again we are asking for your help. Paul and I have exhausted ourselves financially to get us to this point. With Christmas right around the corner perhaps some of you are in the spirit of giving. How about giving the gift that will keep on giving for generations to come? The gift of awakening humanity and thus saving ourselves? A $200.00 donation will give you a funding partner credit along with a copy of the film, however anything helps right now.

We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season and we will be in touch soon!

Here is a link to the AIR Trailer –

Heres a link to our last WATER Trailer –

God Bless –

Chris Maple & Paul Wittenberger
Framing The World Productions

DISCLAIMER: This documentary film “THE GREAT CULLING” and it’s title are solely based on the opinions of Framing The World Productions, Inc. Our interviewee’s are in no way associated with the title or it’s final hypothesis and therefore do not necessarily

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