FRAUD AND PLAGIARIST Louies Pasteur Recanted HIS Virus Theory on his Deathbed





 Pasteur’s deathbed words:

“Bernard was right; the pathogen is nothing;

the terrain is everything.”


It is the terrain, we are the terrain. Pasture’s error, or was it an error? This helped roll the bank notes for the pharmacutical industrial complex enslaving humanity pushing them towards their ultimate agenda which was  planned centuries ago.  In fact, we have long since realised that the so-called plagues of the past, were NOT plagues at all.  When one realises that the world controllers plan centuries ahead, they have kept the esoteric/metaphysical knowledge forthemselves, one can see that his-story is simply his story contrived and filled with half-truths and lies. They burnt the great library of Alexandria to hide truth and keep contol and the knowledge all hidden now  in the Vatican.  All roads lead to Rome.


The Myth of Coronavirus Contagion 

Guest: Sally Fallon Morell, Fonunding  President of the Weston A Price Foundation and Co-author of The Contagion Myth

The signs say, “Science is real.”  No doubt Napoleon the Pig would follow that up with, “But some science is more real than others!”


Michael Olson Food Chain Radio – Corona Virus and G5? Guest: Sally Fallon Morell, Founding President of the Weston A Price Foundation and Co-author of The Contagion Myth


For a jolt, consider the science of electricity: In the 1880s, two scientists fought a “war of currents” over whose electrical science would prevail.  Thomas Edison advocated for the Direct Current, while Nikolai Tesla held forth for the Alternating Current.   Though Edison became rich and famous as the founder of the General Electric Company, and Tesla died alone and destitute, it was Tesla’s science that paved the way for modern power and communication systems!

And while Edison and Tesla contended over the science of electricity in America, Louis Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp fought it out over the science of disease in France.

Pasteur, of course, achieved fame and fortune as the father of the germ theory of disease, the science of which held that diseases were caused by germs.  Bechamp’s science, on the other hand, maintained that diseases were caused by a breakdown in the body’s innate defenses.

Pasteur’s science said disease could be cured, if not prevented, by killing the germs.  Pasteur’s science became the economic foundation of modern medicine, with all of its drugs and vaccines.

Bechamp’s science, which advocated for the social responsibility of healthy living, made no one rich, and so he, and his science, were relegated to the dustbin of history.

And today in the here and now, along comes the Made-In-China novel coronavirus, with its attendant promises of new drugs and vaccines.  

And so, we wonder –Whose science of disease is most real:  Louis Pasteur’s or Antoine Bechamp’s?


Winifred found an excellent source of background info about that quote on the Wellness Directory of Minnesota website. They devote an entire page to this fascinating bit of medical and cultural history. Here are some excerpts:

The man after whom Pasturization is named

“…UNESCO proclaimed 1995 as “The Year of Pasteur.” Just prior to that, Pasteur’s family proudly released his notes and research. Gerald Geison, a science historian, was among the first people to thoroughly review those notes. In 1995, The Year of Pasteur, Geison wrote an article in the New York Times proclaiming that Pasteur had lied about his research on vaccines and germs and that most of his ideas had been plagiarized from his contemporaries. His article, “Pasteur’s Deception” claimed that Pasteur was, in the end, a fraud…”

“…In researching medicine, following the money has always led to the truth. The money, in Pasteur’s case, has led to unnecessary and mandatory vaccination programs. Wouldn’t we all like to own a company that gets support from a government that will enact laws to make the purchase of our product mandatory?


Where to begin? Well, let’s begin with the Germ Theory.

As discussed in The Lost History of Medicine, the Terrain is more important than the Germ.

Pasteur described germs as non-changeable. We know today, from the use of Darkfield Microscopes that microorganisms are pleomorphic, that they can change and often do. A virus can become a bacterium which can mutate into a yeast or fungus. Modern medicine has yet to acknowledge this because it would turn the pharmaceutical interests on their backs like a helpless tortoise. Again, we follow the money….”

“…It was Bechamp who discovered the pleomorphic nature of germs, and later on Bernard described the “milieu” or environment that affected/caused those changes. Bernard is the one responsible for our theories today on pH and how the nature of the microorganisms change as the body moves from an alkaline pH to an acidic pH. (This is covered in depth in our article The Lost History of Medicine.)

On his deathbed, Pasteur recanted, saying that Bernard was right; the Terrain is everything, the Germ is nothing.

However, since the Germ is so profitable, the medical world has written off his final statements as the madness of a dying man. We should all be so mad.

Another problem with the Germ Theory of medicine is discovered when we look at Koch’s Postulates:

  • The germ which causes a disease must be found in every case of the disease under the conditions which could explain the disease.

  • The germ must not be found in other diseases or healthy people.

  • The germ could be isolated and used to induce an experimental disease in animals which resembles the original disease in humans.

Pasteur never quite fulfilled all the rules. He was not able to find the germ in all cases of a disease, and this is where his research became fraudulent. Additionally, many so-called pathogenic germs are often found in healthy people. And finally, when Pasteur passed a germ from one animal to another to cause the disease, he did not pass the germ alone, but took some blood with it. Injecting toxic blood from one animal to another will guarantee the receiving animal becomes sick….”

“….Pasteur instructed his family never to release his lab notes. After his grandson died in 1975, they were finally released. This was when Professor Gerald Geison got a hold of them and presented his findings in 1993 to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The New York Times, seeing how UNESCO had named 1995 the Year of Pasteur, felt that this would be the proper time to release Gerald Geison’s research. Don’t you just love a good drama?”

The Myth of Pasteurization

One more thing before we go. Our second reference above makes this statement: “Pasteur developed ‘pasteurization’, a process by which harmful microbes in perishable food products are destroyed using heat, without destroying the food.”

This is not entirely true. Pasteurization does NOT kill ALL harmful microbes in milk and it DOES harm the milk.

In her book, The Medical Mafia, Dr Lanctôt debunks pasteurization with a one-two punch:

  1. The temperature is not high enough.

  2. The temperature is too high.

First off, Dr Lanctôt points out that germs that bring us typhoid, coli bacillus, and tuberculosis are not killed by the temperatures used, and there have been a good number of salmonella epidemics traced to pasteurized milk.

Secondly, the heating process injures the milk. She points out that pasteurization destroys milk’s intrinsic germicidal properties, not to mention healthy enzymes. She goes on to state that 50% of milks calcium is unusable (the body cannot assimilate it) after pasteurization. So much for all those milk commercials.

Here’s something we found online that was drawn up for a Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors concerning outbreaks from pasteurized milk:

  • 1997, 28 persons ill from Salmonella in California, ALL FROM PASTEURIZED MILK.
  • 1996, 46 persons ill from Campylobacter and Salmonella in California.
  • 1994, 105 persons ill from E. coli and Listeria in California
  • March of 1985 19,660 confirmed cases of Salmonella typhimurium illness FROM CONSUMING PROPERLY PASTEURIZED MILK. Over 200,000 people ill from Salmonella typhimurium in PASTEURIZED MILK
  • 1985, 142 cases and 47 deaths traced to PASTEURIZED Mexican-style cheese contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria monocytogenes SURVIVES PASTEURIZATION!
  • 1985, 1500 persons ill from Salmonella infection
  • August of 1984 approximately 200 persons became ill with a Salmonella typhimurium from CONSUMING PASTEURIZED MILK
  • November of 1984, another outbreak of Salmonella typhimurium illness from CONSUMING PASTEURIZED MILK
  • 1983, over 49 persons with Listeria illness have been associated with the consumption of PASTEURIZED MILK in Massachusetts.
  • 1993, 28 persons ill from Salmonella infection
  • 1982, 172 persons ill (100 hospitalized) from a three Southern state area from PASTEURIZED MILK.
  • 1982, over 17,000 persons became ill with Yersinia enterocolitica from PASTEURIZED MILK bottled in Memphis, Tennessee.

It is the author’s conclusion that pasteurization is simply a quick fix that allows large cartels to profit from the sales of milk. Instead of relying on safe, sterile handling procedures of raw milk (which would make the costs of milk much more expensive), we’ve incorporated this quick fix, which might or might not work, but certainly helps the cartels profit….” Read the whole article here on the Wellness Directory of Minnesota site.



Louie PASTEUR’s deathbed words: “Bernard was right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.”

Further reading

Further Reading:

The Contagion Myth by Sally Fallon Morell
We have been given false information as to what virus’ really are. The “Germ Theory” put forth has never been proven. A virus, is something created by our bodies to aid in the removal of toxins, and cannot jump from one host to another.

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